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Thanks Gramps, I've heard about these being worn (along with armbands) and I thought it would look pretentious.* It doesn't. What do I bloody know eh? *Pretentious, moi?
Great photo. The lad on the right, is that a pocket watch or a mark on the photo, I can't make it out?
Brighton Beach 1967 Not entirely relevant, but a great picture.
'Ivy league' or 'preppy' were not terms heard here, the catch all term was 'The Beach Boy look' for Mods, a brief '64 (?) summer style. It consisted of; short sleeved striped shirts, light coloured trousers, white t-shirts (with or without numbers/initials etc) loafers, harringtons, side parted hair, etc. This fad would date very quickly, and a dour style of, for instance - trousers, fine crew neck jumper (with sleeves pushed up like Mick Jagger!) and hush puppies...
'Ere are Brownie - Radio Caroline's 50th birthday http://www.itv.com/news/meridian/update/2014-03-27/radio-caroline-birthday-feature-full-version/
No info. But I'll go for '70. (June)
That's Brownie's find, I've not seen it in it's entirety before. Crowd better dressed than the band
Here you go Brownie - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rto0OIAWtAI The High Numbers Live 1964
Lovingly relieved from The Mod Generation - Off to Mojo Sheffield allnighter in my made to measure tonic mohair suit. (Gary Maxton) Morning after an allnighter (Gary Maxton) Newquay Aug 1966 (Gary Maxton) At first glance I thought the middle 'photo-me' pic was from the '80's. Bottom pic - I can't make it out on this small screen, are they Riders or Chelsea boots?
Agree about the date on that one Brownie, I thought that when I first saw it - V neck, 'any white shirt' , tie and jeans, it's got to be '68 hasn't it? Bob or Buttons will tell us the month too. There's a picture of M-o-M wearing similar gear, he's at a demo. carrying a placard I think. Hello Cleav, welcome mate.
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