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You'll grow out of this phase (hopefully). To me it looks like an origami crane stuffed into your pocket.
I'm not as biased as you perhaps, but I agree with this 100%. Seeing his pics on Tumblr over the past month, I keep thinking to myself, none of these suits look as good on him as Formosa.
^ That's the thing, you're looking at it in the wrong way. You don't "dress up" by wearing a suit since you have to wear a tie daily. Just take off your jacket as soon as you get into the office in the morning if you want. "Dressing down" by wearing a tie but no jacket isn't dressing down. It's a bad look and as you've found out today also impractical.
I don't want to say it (yes I do) - I told you so
^ Seconded
AJL has 109 posts stitchy has 1315 (!)
I have this, and it's awesome.Good one. I glossed over all ties and squares when making picks.I have these too and they're great. Oh wait...
Already a couple things I would have picked, but I'll choose all new items to go along with the spirit of the contest (in no particular order): Off-white suede Apache Mocassin Buttero high sneaker beige canvas/suede CALABRESE 1924 Black/blue duffel ESEMPLARE tan/madras reversible shorts CHAPMAN Sten holdall bag
^ again ( and for the last time) you look ridiculous going into the office in a shirt and tie but without a jacket.
That code wouldn't even cover half the stuff on my wishlist
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