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I'll still be amazed if this suit is actually ready and worn before May when it'll be too warm to wear.
Sorry G, no facebook or G+ for me so I can't rate.
I had some interest before I saw all these upcoming drops
Looks so good. I both laugh and cry over the fact you could have been wearing this suit once a week for the past 10+ weeks.
Gah! WTF just happened
Oh I take (mostly) shit pictures with my iPhone (6) too. It was more an excuse to post that link because, well, amazeballs.
That's a bit of an exaggerationhttp://www.apple.com/iphone/world-gallery/Anyways, calf or suede one shade lighter or darker than the suit should work well. Maybe even oxblood?
@Coxsackie A pinpoint or end-on-end is going to have slight texture and more visual interest than a broadcloth. I'm too lazy to pull up the shirt weave thread. Given what you wear, I'd personally not order a broadcloth. Also I would go no placket and the default split-yoke (and maybe even soft one button cuff), but I do suppose those are personal choices.
True. So sad. Bur maybe SCs. Though the old Lorenzo cut didn't fit me right - shoulder divots on both the 50 and 52 for me. So sad.
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