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Site is working fine now. What would be surprising is closing shop while still sitting on such a vast inventory.
Sell your current one and get in on the Formosa. It's what PCK would want you to do anyways.
Yeah I think I just lost my new Merola after less than one week. Couldn't find them today after looking all over. Wore them once.
I bought two pairs of pants last month and they shipped within a day or two. I returned one pair last week with a note via USPS (no signature requested). Received refund notification email last night. No complaints. I'll still continue to shop here when something catches my eye.
You're not allowed to ask such questions until such time you've owned a chalk stripe peak lapel suit (or at the very least are actually planning to order one).
Fox wide navy Notch lapels Flap pockets Agree with the rest.
Had the same experience and made the same decision.
Yes, I'm in! I thought you meant to wait and not even order this now, not just wait on the pants to save a little bit (which I agree with). I blame it on the dayquil. I can wear 14oz flannel early Oct through mid Apr even without AC
Well I am. And I believe so is @Mr. Six. Either Fox or Minnis in navy chalk (mid to wide, not narrow).
nvm - misread V's post
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