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^ As Greg said, due to the cut of the front quarters the Eidos Lorenzo wears shorter than the measurement. I'm sure if a 48 jacket fits then a 48 coat would work.
Rough and quick measurements:PtP: 20.75"Shoulder 17.75"Length (bottom of collar) 26.5"
Yes, Lorenzo sizing is about the same as Cantarelli, IME.
Haha so true. I also have 3 now (leather, suede, canvas) and am now totally craving the brown nappy suede lows. FML
Yes, please post moar picsDear unbelragazzo,Please stop posting pictures in this thread. Thank you very much for your understanding in this matter.Sincerely,Sotiris' wife and Sotiris' son's 529 plan
Answer is all 3 in V, and grey melton in IV.
Inis and Buttero
You'll grow out of this phase (hopefully). To me it looks like an origami crane stuffed into your pocket.
I'm not as biased as you perhaps, but I agree with this 100%. Seeing his pics on Tumblr over the past month, I keep thinking to myself, none of these suits look as good on him as Formosa.
^ That's the thing, you're looking at it in the wrong way. You don't "dress up" by wearing a suit since you have to wear a tie daily. Just take off your jacket as soon as you get into the office in the morning if you want. "Dressing down" by wearing a tie but no jacket isn't dressing down. It's a bad look and as you've found out today also impractical.
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