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A bit of a cop out, but I'm not sure I could curate a list down to something manageable in size
All nice shoes. Such a strong spring season in all. So many adds to the wish list. Seems as good a time as any to win the 20 month anniversary $20k raffle shopping spree prize.
Not the soft roma - but here are my chambrays with Roma Spread
Okay, that's a very fine receiver at MSRP so that part doesn't seem unreasonable.
Well at least he's not trying to sell you a 10k Kaliedoscope media system. But yeah, last I checked 2-3 years ago TV wall mounts from Monoprice were under $100 and other brands sub $200. You can get a good receiver for 500-1000 especially if you're only powering a soundbar. Mind you this is also coming from a home theater DIY amateur hobbiest, so I can't speak to mark ups or labor costs.
All four options are great and on my list for future make ups. This quoted one in particular I have slated in this exact make up with Minnis fresco/mohair 0575, but alas I have other suit needs that take priority.
Ah gotcha. I usually start by going to the fabrics section rather than starting with building a shirt without the fabric already out picked out, so that's where the disconnect was. Glad it worked out.
The very first filter I see is "Style" and the options are:AllCasualBusinessFormal
Not to be a wise@ss but how about "casual" under the Style filter? Alternately you can pick different weaves or colors or patterns. PC filtering is very good so just play around with it based on what you're looking for.
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