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Still confused. So a jacket is not required? Currently it says a jacket is required.Oh, and who's going to be first to post a fit pic of just a tie and jacket with no shirt?
Thanks guys. And in that case Newcomer I say get the Solaro. It's awesome. And can be worn as separates.
Yes, that's being a irrational. Though a bit understandable in this environment. I'm very happy with this Cantarelli and can see myself picking up more.It is on the shorter side though, but not unreasonable IMO. About 1.5-2 cm vs the Formosa length. It works well for me for a casual SC as I'm 5'8" on a good day.Here's a lousy full length pic I was able to dig up. Right out of the box, end of the day, and after a few days of big meals I normally wouldn't post this but...
^ Part of how you learn though!
Yes, please stop wearing ties without a jacket. Also please don't roll up your sleeves when wearing a tie.
Yeah, I'm really wanting that beige one as well.And speaking of Cantarelli ...WIWT
In regards to sizing, I'm a 48 in Formosa and 50 in Cantarelli.
^ as a previous instigator for you Murls, I think you totally should get it. It's awesome. The hours Greg spent searching through all the solaro swatches really paid off.
Solaro as SC [[SPOILER]]
Since you don't own any sport coats (right?), I'm going to assume you're trolling about getting odd trousers and wearing a shirt and tie without a jacket.I mean, in many environments it's okay to go around the office like this, but you still wear a jacket to the office.
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