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IIRC, the S&C shawl cardigans are cut oversized/slouchy so you'd want to go TTS.EDIT: Nailed it:
Took these pics last week and thought I'd share. As we know I'm not a patient self photographer. Also apologies for the imbedded pics, my imgur upload app doesn't seem to be working. [[SPOILER]]
Hmmm. I think you should start a tutoring business for clients with children. Offer discounts or set hours per $1k spent at NMWA.You know, for those very well dressed parents who somehow don't have much in a 529 plan and need their children to get full scholarships to college.
Well hot damn. Thank you. indeed (not that it's a surprise really) And bonus new Inis rollneck too?
Sounds like a $50 gift credit in the making Any sneak previews?
^ Argh (to David, not Greg) On a similar note, I can't believe dat Camoshita duffle coat is still in stock. Looks so sick.
I mean, is this thing really getting any traction? Or are the positive votes/comments more of a joke?
You're not going to stock?
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