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Despite the fact I've in the past sworn off continuing to give any advice, I just have to say this. I've tried to think of nicer ways to put this, but came to the realization that's just not in me. But here's my best effort. You've recently acquired 3 new suits which you love. They fit well and look good. But instead of wanting to wear these once a week (you could probably even wear the birdseye twice a week for the time being) you want to wear them once a month? And...
I don't know what's more surreal. Putting your phone on top of your car in the first place - or actually looking for (and finding!) said phone on a highway. Though maybe your definition of highway is also a bit different than mine.
I personally like about 8 for S/S and 8 for F/W. But 5 for each season is probably more reasonable for you. Not that you do reasonable all that well. Nor do you seem to really want seasonal cloths.
Wearing my Eidos Ulster today and it made me feel like telling this Nor'easter "come at me bro". [[SPOILER]] EDIT: This sounded better in my head. It's just a great coat (pun intended). And no I don't really talk like that. Nor do I typically have conversations with the weather. Carry on.
I picked up a Drakes fair isle scarf for my wife this year. Should be a hit. [[SPOILER]]
I'm down to 31 items in my wishlist. I'm hoping there's not another "pick 5" or any other contest so I don't go through the whole site again category by category and add a dozen more items to said list.
Finally pulled the trigger on these pants last night. Cool, extended deadline. And the SF discount is stackable for this last hour?
Chalk stripe frescos look nice.
@AJL You'd want a 52 in the LBM coat IME.
Monitaly, Inis Meain and Heschung
New Posts  All Forums: