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No response so far... De: Julsq Objet: Wool socks - Shrinkage problem Date: 5 juillet 2014 12:56:41 UTC+1 À: Viccel Socks Info Dear Kemal I am a long returning customer, always very satisfied with your cotton socks. Recently however, I bought three pairs of heavy wool socks (details below). I washed them once at 30° (not all at the same time), dried them outside, but they all shrunk to a point where I cannot even force my foot inside them. What can you do about...
Sold, thanks.
PM received
This particular pair appears to be flawless. A1 price in Jermyn St is £670. Factory store price is £460. Unfortunately the pop-up sale is now finished so I can't take advantage of it anymore to swap around in the right size.
Picked up these at the Drake's pop-up sale last week Slight second due to a glue mark on the RH vamp (testified by EG paper provided inside the box), which I managed to get rid of in 5 min with shoe cream. They are now, to the best of my knowledge, perfect. I unfortunately tried them on at the end of a very warm day, and found out the next morning they are 1/2 size too big for me. They are so beautiful I'd much rather let someone with the exact right size have...
Sorry, my English's a bit weak. What' "well supported"? Snug fit around the instep or rather generous? Thanks
And how's the fit around the instep?
Hello Interested about the AS Exclusive "Armfield". Saw various pictures from different angles, their shape (109 last) seems to me extraordinarily similar to EG's 202 last. I went recently to GJ Cleverley and saw a very close sibling (including identical calligraphy inside the little leather window). When asking what last the shoe was made on, the salesman politely answered "our own...I can't tell for sure...but the closest would be EG's 202..." Any opinions?
Hello James Happy with your quick and accurate answer. If you're happy to ship to the UK for the price you ask, I'm your man. Best regards Julien
Are they sold?
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