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The House of Matriarch has a sale on some of their fragrances in the 15 mL size. Anyone familiar with this house and have recommendations of good scents to try?
I wear a size 50 sports jacket and the raglan coat in size 50 fit perfectly over a jacket when I tried it on at the SF trunk show.
I agree that the light dial should be set to local time and the dark dial to the second time zone you are tracking. That makes the Reverso less useful as a travel watch (although it certainly can be used as such) and more valuable as a watch to use at home when you regularly need to know the time in a different part of the world -- e.g., you talk to colleagues in Paris one week and colleagues in Tokyo the next.
^^^^^^ Looked like a good call to me. Maybe you think the officials should swallow their whistle in that situation, but that's a different argument.
Get a vintage Pepsi GMT instead. I recommend the 16750.
With no rooting interest in the playoffs, I just want to see Aaron Rodgers as much as possible. I've been watching football a long time, and have never seen anyone play the position of quarterback as well.
In Brock's defense, he threw a perfect pass on the touchdown pass that was dropped. Clearly the turning play of the game. Not saying Houston comes back to win, but I think Brock presses less if the Texans trail by only 24-20.I was not impressed by Houston's secondary. Too many times, Brady threw a lazy floater that somehow managed to end up in the arms of a Patriots receiver. Not going to get away with that next week.
Creed Baie de Genievre, a spicy juniper scent. Anyone who has written off Creed as boring should smell their EDTs. A lot less mainstream and more interesting than the Millisime line.
Some good news if you're upset that you missed out on the Hodinkee-Zenith collaboration.
Both games yesterday were terrible (except if you are a fan of the winner). Pittsburgh-Miami looks like it's headed in that direction. I'm holding out hope for NY-GB.
New Posts  All Forums: