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While this statement is theoretically true, I haven't come close to discovering what the limit is. If you're Asian, there may not be one. Sure, our bodies cannot process alcohol correctly, but we can eat fatty meats all day long. All day.
What's the turnaround time for the Field Coat?
I actually had Fail Mary in mind, but I guess Seattle's been lucky multiple times. What goes around comes around. Making the situation even more delicious is that Golden Tate, who "caught" Fail Mary, is ripping it up in Detroit right now after leaving Seattle in the offseason. Think Seattle could use Tate right now?
I am enjoying the sweet, sweet karma that is raining down on the Seahawks and their fans. So your guy clearly possessed the football at the end of the game and the refs missed it? Sound familiar?
Anyone think that Colt McCoy can be the next Tom Brady?
I have a feeling that the Eidos Field Jacket MTO may break a few of the remaining members of the NPC @Newcomer.
It fits TTS. The arms are longish. You are taller than me with longer arms, so it will look good on you.
The analogy I like to use is that a quartz watch is like a photograph while a mechanical watch is like a painting. A photograph captures an image much more accurately than the best painting, but no one is paying $40 million for a photograph of a vase with flowers. Why? Because of the human imagination and technical ability that went into producing the painting that is absent with a photograph.
I wear a size US9.5 in most makes and models, including the Carmina Forest, Vass U, and Carmina Uetam.
Thanks for taking the lead on this, @PiCcolocV. Both proposed dates work for me. The Graham rooftop is an excellent venue choice. I'm not that familiar with the area, so I don't know what the after-drinks dining options are. If we want to do a rooftop, but get away from the Brixton, there's also the Local 16/Marvin/Lost Society triumvirate in the U Street area.
New Posts  All Forums: