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I own and love the SdC parka, but I think it is best for above-freezing temperatures. When the temperature dips below freezing and the wind whips up, you'll want something down-filled.
I am a size US9.5 on the narrow side of medium. I wear a size 42 in Buttero that is a little bit big; size 41.5 would probably be ideal. I think you are a size 42 in the low tops, but we'll see what Greg says.
Arizona may be the best team in the NFL. Playmakers on offense, defense, and special teams. They looked very impressive last night despite a slight let-up after they jumped out to the big lead.
Palermo was still available at my local Nespresso store this past Saturday. I bought 12 sleeves.
For future reference, I find the 8695 last to fit my narrower-than-medium, low-volume feet better than the 7000 and 8000 lasts.
I'll come out and say that JL fitting is very tricky for all feet. Probably the brand that it is least advisable to buy blind.
SOTD is Narciso Rodriguez for Men. A creation of Francis Kurkdjian, it is a cult favorite among fragheads. To me, it smells like a melancholy version of GIT. Perfect for an overcast, rainy day.
No trip to Northampton?
I think the argument was that Ronda could beat Floyd in an MMA fight because she would get the fight to the ground ASAP and submit him. I never agreed because as we saw Saturday, and as has been clear in every one of her fights, Ronda's striking defense is atrocious. She bullrushes her opponents with her chin up, hands down, and no head movement. Not a problem when you're fighting the likes of Miesha Tate. A pretty big problem when you're fighting someone who can...
Not as satisfying as another 18-1 season.
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