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Any plans for an after-show dinner?
Was yesterday the day that Kirk Cousins started his journey to become the next Tom Brady? Time will tell.
So who had Joe Philbin in the first-fired pool? I think Chip Kelly is next unless the Eagles turn the season around in a hurry.
Pork belly buns and scotch, please.
Looks like the same old story for Alabama-Georgia.
I presume there will be a long cocktail hour between the end of the ceremony and the dinner. Perfect for catching the second half.
Love Italian Citrus! Nice blood orange fragrance with a musky backbone. It has very good longevity and projection for a citrus scent. I had a dental appointment this morning, so I needed to wear something as unobtrusive as possible. I chose Bleu de Chanel. I'm going to a gala after-party tonight, at which I am thinking of wearing TFPB Plum Japonais.
SOTD is Gucci Pour Homme I. Nice cedar and incense fragrance that smells like pencil shavings. Not worth the eBay price, however.
SOTD is TFPB Neroli Portofino, for summer's last gasp before the temps plummet. Longevity and projection are very good for an EDC-style scent.
Sure hindsight is 20/20, but how did the 49ers grade Alex Smith higher than Aaron Rodgers?
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