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I just joined the club. This month is going to be brutal with the pre-orders, the Kimber sale, and the Isaia/Eidos sample sale in NYC. I've been pretty good so far. Sat out Norwegian Rain, buying two less expensive Eidos items (cream basketweave trousers, seersucker shorts) and one Rota item (petrol wool/silk/linen trousers).
1. Ship to office.2. Sneak into house.3. When questioned, claim that you have owned pants for several years. If necessary, act outraged that wife doesn't notice what you're wearing.(I'm not married, so above advice comes with no warranties, express or implied.)
I'm getting a lot of wear out of my light-colored trousers and I think that the cream basketweave trouser will go great with my Eidos SCs. Also considering the seersucker shorts. Just need to get over the mental block of paying that much for shorts.The DJ is beautiful, but won't get enough wears to be worth the cost for me. Plus, I just know that the first time I wear it, a drunk white girl named Ashley will bump into me and spill a glass of red wine all over the jacket.
Next step is for the union rep to take the cop down to the firing range to demonstrate how bad a shot he is. "Look at that completely clean sheet! He couldn't hit the broad side of a barn."
Seriously thinking of coming up from DC for the sample sale. NYC residents, please give us the scouting report next week!
I still think Hillary wins, but I can see Trump's path to victory in Don Jr.'s speech. Appeal to traditional Republicans by talking about school choice, reduced regulation on businesses, etc. Attract Reagan Democrats by rolling out working-class folks who Trump helped in his business. Prevent Trump from saying anything crazy. Hey, it could work.
YouTube reviewer robes08 was really high on it for awhile. I would love a pear scent in my collection, but I find this one a bit cloying.
On sale now at a lower price than Gentry.
SOTD is TFPB Neroli Portofino. Yes, it's just Tom Ford's version of a classic EDC, but it smells good and lasts a long time for this type of scent. There will be people who will tell you that there are better scents in TFPB's blue line. Don't believe them.
Miami probably doesn't have the selection of NYC, but its advantage is the clustering of boutiques together in a small area. Window shopping (or real shopping) is much more efficient.
New Posts  All Forums: