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Based on the listed dimensions of the bag and of a 15" MacBook Pro, the bag should be able to fit a 15" laptop easily. I would be concerned about the pressure the weight of the laptop puts on the bottom of the bag. The bag seems better suited for carrying around an iPad or other tablet computer.
Congratulations. It sounds like you got a good deal. At some point, your time is more valuable than saving an extra couple hundred dollars.
Exact same for me. The largest watches I feel comfortable wearing are the Panerai Radiomir (42 mm) and the IWC Portuguese Chrono (40.9 mm). I don't think I would spend a lot of money on a watch over 40 mm. The two I have over that size are cheapies: The Swatch Sistem51 and the Seiko Orange Monster.
#18. Looking forward to using it in NYC this weekend.
Apply the credit toward a no-date Sub. The Rolex will remind you of your dad, and you will have a great two-watch collection.
Sounds like you made a good choice. So you still have the trade-in credit with Tourneau?
Guys, can't we all just get along? I've already made the decision to come up to NYC on Friday/Saturday, but if I don't find anything I like at the sample sale, no biggie. I need to drop off a watch at Wempe for servicing, visit the Whitney, and check out the Armoury, Material Good, and Bloomies.
Which watch did you decide to buy?Is the vendor letting you pay with a credit card rather than bank wire? That would go a long way toward alleviating any worries you might have.
All you size EU50 bastards better not clean out the stock before Friday. Anyone who's a different size, feel free to buy as much as you want.
Between the two, I prefer the Panorama Date Moonphase. Moonphase is an interesting complication, albeit one that is not that useful. GO's execution of the big date is really good, with both numbers on the same plane. A lot of other big dates have numbers on different planes, requiring a bar in between the numbers.
New Posts  All Forums: