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Your pics of the Eidos wool/silk jacket sold me, @Monkeyface. I just kopped the last one in my size from CSC. If anyone out there is interested in Eidos, call CSC immediately. Prices are ridiculous.
Nope. Judging by the nickname of his classes ("Doze with Poz"), I don't think I missed much.
Not that I want to be an enabler or anything , but that DB Blackwatch is AMAZING. It hurt my heart that it was no longer available in my size.
I went to grad school at The U of C. I was told never to venture below 63rd Street. I took the normal precautions one takes in an urban environment, and I didn't have any problems.
This is consistent with my experience. I wear a size US9.5 dress shoe, and a size 9.5 or 10 sneaker. The size 42 in the Tanino low is a pretty good fit. I could probably go down to a size 41.5 if stores sold it, but size 41 would probably be too short.
The NYC Bloomies had a rack full of the stone colored blouson when I visited the Saturday before last. (I came up for the day from DC.) Not sure of sizes. I can PM you the name of the SA I met if you'd like.
Ordered a sportscoat Saturday morning via the website, order went through smoothly. Then I got an e-mail today informing me that the item had sold out.
The salesmen at M&S are rather attentive, to say the least. This is either good or bad, depending on how you view the benign neglect you receive at most clothing stores.Yep, I had the good fortune of being in Chicago on business right after the New Year.
Check out Morris & Sons: http://www.morrisandsons.com/ I bought a Brioni raincoat there many years ago that I still wear.
I believe that the website does not necessarily reflect what is available. A week ago, I stopped into the store and inquired about some pants that the website was showing as available -- added to my cart and everything. The sales associate was unable to find the pants. Conversely, I have spotted items in the store that are not listed on the website.
New Posts  All Forums: