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I tried on the casentino bomber at Bloomie's NYC in the size I wear in Eidos odd jackets. It fit well in the shoulders and sleeve length, but is very, very snug, particularly in the forearms. I don't think I would be able to wear anything more than a button-down shirt underneath. I didn't try sizing up one, but I think that would make the jacket too big in the shoulders and the sleeves.
I can't believe I'm giving serious consideration to buying the lounge pants. Anyone own them and can give some general insight?Also, any thoughts on the Gray "Larry Ferri" sweater? You just bought one, @in stitches, right?
It will be interesting to track the data if the NFL starts providing all the footballs next season. If the Patriots continue to hold on to the ball at their current rate, we'll know that it's the players. If they return to the norm, something is rotten in Foxboro.
Was it the field jacket in navy twill flannel? I tried that model on in size EU50 (my Eidos suit jacket size) several months ago. I seem to remember it being larger than the jacket I just received, particularly in the length of the sleeves. I tried on the field jacket in size EU48 as well. That was a better fit in the sleeves, but the chest was too small to wear anything more than a buttondown shirt.
Is your foot wider or narrower? My feet are on the narrow side of medium: my left foot is size 9.25C and my right foot is size 9.5D on the Brannock scale. I wear size UK8.5 in every Carmina last I have tried. The narrower lasts fit me better than the wider ones. Keep in mind that a loafer last will be narrower because there are no laces to tighten the shoe over the foot.
Now it's gone. The blue one, at least.
Some of you were very quick on the draw.
If the Patriots had challenged the Colts' footballs, and it turned out that they were underinflated to the same level, the Patriots could point to weather as the culprit. That the Patriots didn't mount such a challenge suggests to me that they knew that the results of the challenge would be incriminating, not exculpatory.
New Posts  All Forums: