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Got my order in ten minutes ago. That's my last kop for awhile, maybe the rest of 2014. I swear.
It's a leather-based scent, but its sourness reminds me of Tom Ford Tobacco Oud. It's nice enough, but putting aside the cost, not versatile enough for me to buy/wear ahead of Patchouli 24 or Santal 33.
Looks like we don't patronize the same establishments. In addition to The Gibson and Jack Rose, I like The Passenger, Hogo (RIP), Tabard Inn (great for a first date), 2 Birds 1 Stone, Chez Billy, and Southern Efficiency. Last night I went to Second State, which is where The Mighty Pint used to be. Nice whiskey based cocktails, generous pours.I have a friend who loves The Sheppard. Is it a good place for a first date?
I wear 40 in both. (I am a slim 40R/true 39R and usually buy a 40R and have the sides taken in.) The Formosa is bigger, but not so much so that I would size down.
Le Labo Cuir 28.
Barring an unforeseen work emergency, I am in for drinks and dinner. This October has been unseasonably warm. The weather forecast is calling for mid 60s and no rain -- probably on the temperature border for tweed.
Jack Rose is not a place to be getting more than one drink if you are concerned about expenses. It's a nice stop for a night of grown-up drinking (i.e., not jello shots at Millie & Al's), but head down the street to Bar Charley to do the bulk of your imbibing.
I agree. Compare with where the shoulder seam on the same sweater hits Frank in post #13979.
Tagging folks who made it out to previous meetups and may not have seen this thread: @Longmorn, @hpreston.
FWIW, I think the medium looks better on Newcomer as well. And I am being objective, as I am a size medium.
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