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Bizarre game plan by Bradley. If you've knocked out 12 out of 31 opponents, you're not a knockout artist and shouldn't try to become one against one of the best boxers in the world. Go with what you do best regardless of whether the fans like it. Bradley made another injury excuse in the post-fight interview, so we're likely to see a rubber match soon.
Thread at Union Market might be something to look into. Mutiny and Sid Mashburn were there last week.
If Epaulet is ever back in the market for a third outpost, may I humbly suggest our Nation's Capital, a short 4.5-hour drive to the south? DC is no New York, but its reputation as a cultural and sartorial backwater is way overstated. There are a lot of people in the area with disposable income and the willingness to spend it to eat well and dress well. The Southern Prep look has a particularly strong foothold, as evidenced by Sid Mashburn's interest in opening a B&M...
LeBron got stuffed by a white guy from Duke. You just know his teammates are never going to let him the end of it.
Any word on the Vass MTOs from last November?
Sky Valet is not getting any new EG stock, but they might still have some shoes left. I doubt their website accurately reflects their current stock, however.
Pretty great run by UConn. They beat a #2 seed (Villanova), the Big 12 tournament champion (Iowa State), the Big 10 tournament champion and trendy pick to win it all (Michigan State), the SEC tournament champion and overall #1 seed (Florida), and the preseason #1 (Kentucky). They weren't the best team going into the tournament, but it's hard to argue that they're not a worthy champion.
Just general questions. How versatile is this shirt? What is the temperature range for which it is most appropriate? Would I take a large if I am a slim 40R?
Ugh. Looks like the varsity scrimmaging the JV.
Thanks for the review, Simplicio. These jeans are at the top of my wish list. If you had to do it over again, would you have gone with size 32? If I'm a size 34 in the Rudy, would you recommend a size 33 or 34 in these jeans?
New Posts  All Forums: