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I enjoyed Myers and Chang. For lunch on Saturday, I recommend a dim sum or noodle place in Chinatown.
How would you compare the field jacket to the Schneider Juncus coat?
I've only been there for drinks, but it's always packed, so they must be doing something right. Pre-dinner drinks in the Poste at Hotel Monaco courtyard is wonderful as well.Yep. It's always well attended. The Phillips has done really well at establishing its brand, in contrast to some other museums. *cough*Corcoran*cough
L'Enfant Plaza is a dead zone for food. I'm sure the Mandarin Oriental hotel has a really nice restaurant at which you will be paying through the nose to eat. You're probably better off heading north on the Green/Yellow line to Archives or Gallery Place.
Best place to eat around L'Enfant Plaza is the cafeteria at the National Museum of the American Indian. Seriously. Gets really crowded, however.
Amazing game-tying drive by the Broncos!
Creed Aventus (sample from Surrender to Chance). Nice scent, but not the olfactory masterpiece the internet led me to believe it was. Doesn't last that long either. After getting home from the gym, I sprayed Amouage Jubilation XXV on my left arm and Amouage Memoir Man on my right. The former is a warm incense-like scent, but a bit old mannish. The latter is like wearing Fernet Branca. I think I will have to give both a second chance.
Kirk Cousins balling!
Clemson gave this game away.
Three top-10 teams in trouble . . . more interesting Saturday than I expected.
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