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Embarrassing. Guy looked like a salesman dragged off the floor of a Chevy dealership five minutes beforehand and told to present a truck to Bumgarner. Did he rehearse at all?
It was either Patchouli 24 or a more conventional choice like Chanel Egoiste or Dior L'Homme Intense. Why not be a little different? Brought along the sample bottle for a little refresher right before the date.
"You are in your car an hour each day; you are in your clothes from morning till night. Spend accordingly." -- Esquire Magazine
Wearing this today. Have a first date after work. Hopefully it was a good choice.
World Series Games stated by Madison Bumgarner: Giants are 2-0, outscored Royals 12-1. World Series Games started by anyone other than Madison Bumgarner: Giants are 1-3, outscored by Royals 24-15. Advantage, Royals.
Eidos is only at the 59th Street Bloomingdale's
Not really hatred from either side. Redskins-Cowboys is like a rivalry between two siblings who are very close in age. Each wants to beat the other badly, but there is underlying respect. Eagles and their fans, on the other hand, are like the blue-collar, asshole neighbor down the street. We just hate them.Redskins-Cowboys started in the 1970s when George Allen was the Redskins' head coach, and got huge in the 1980s. There may be some NFL rivalries that are as good,...
Another classic Redskins-Cowboys game going on. Come on Romo, do your thing!
Le Labo Poivre 23. Not as bad as I originally thought. Might have to give this one a few more wears.
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