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Jameis Winston is the best villain college sports has had in a long, long time. Time for FSU to turn full heel like the U. Miami teams of the 1980s.
I have medium-to-narrow feet (right foot 9.5D, left foot 9.25C on the Brannock scale), and I wear UK9D in almost all EG lasts. I find the 82 last to be noticeably narrower than all other EG lasts I have tried, even the 888. There is any way I can fit a foot with a thicker sock like I would wear with the Galway into a D-width 82 last. I think going up a width to E will be just right.
This information is for future use because you're still in the RPC, right?
What is the Lorenzo? Are you referring to the Lupo polo?I am a size 50 in Eidos and take a medium in the Lupo polo.
Le Labo Santal 33. The projection and longevity are monstrous. People will smell you before they see you.
Decent sale on select items at Bloomies.
I still smell Patchouli 24 on my wrist from yesterday. That's some potent juice! I have an after-work date tonight, so I'm back to Timbuktu. I like the freshness of this scent. Out of curiosity, where do you all spray, and how many sprays do you use? I'm doing two sprays on the chest, two on the back of the neck, and one or two on the inside of each wrist.
Yep, chocolate birdseye is the town bicycle.
Do I need the pearl gray if I bought the cream of wheat?
Wait until 4 PM to have lunch and use a mason jar if you need to pee.
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