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White/blue stripes and checks. Preferably on the thinner side.
Cinnamon. That shade of medium brown is surprisingly difficult to find in a knit. Most are dark brown or beige.
The size medium button-up shirt I ordered from Haberdash was labeled size 40/15.75.
I was just thinking that I would like to switch from my bulky key ring (which has punched holes in several pants pockets) to a key case. Would it be possible to add a sleeve to the inside of the case to store plastic gym/store membership key fobs?
This is consistent with my experience. I wear size US9.5D, and am a size 42.5 in all the Vass lasts I have tried (U and Peter).
I believe that the Wonderlic is supposed to test the ability to process information under severe time constraints. It is not a difficult test; a while ago, I took a sample Wonderlic under realistic test conditions and scored a 50/50. I don't have NFL-level physical talent, however. Offensive linemen are the highest scoring players, on average. Yes, even higher than quarterbacks. That makes sense when you think of their responsibilities: They have to memorize...
I wasn't that impressed by the warehouse sale in DC in Spring of last year. Ended up buying a pair of Barker Black loafers, not really tempted by anything else. It's probably still worth checking out. If you don't find anything, you can drink the admission's fee worth of cocktails.
I don't, because FC shirts are generally more formal and the combination looks off to me. Other things I don't wear with SCs: white shirts (other than oxford button-downs), black shoes, balmoral shoes of any color. (Breaking the last rule today with a pair of RLPL Mackays in dark oak.) YMMV.
I believe the Mountain Parka is supposed to fit like a tent.
My home mortgage interest deduction took a nose dive (have been living in my co-op for ten years), and I owe Formosa suit money to the feds and DC. Time to contact Spoo about consignment.
New Posts  All Forums: