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I really liked the Hodinkee-inspired Zenith chronograph as well. Here is an example of a vintage Zenith 146. I wish the new piece was a manual wind like the original, but manual-wind watches in general, and manual-wind chronographs in particular, seem to be a no-go these days (excepting long-running models like the Speedy Pro).
Hope you have a quick trigger finger and are not in a work meeting at the time of the drop.
Just got an e-mail notifying me that my pre-ordered seersucker shorts and cream trousers have arrived. So I imagine the drop is imminent.
Kimono is the new field jacket? I sense a pre-order for next year . . .
I have an Orbita winder that I haven't used in several years. I have read, and have been told, that winders do more harm than good. Unless you own a perpetual calendar that is a pain to reset every time you wear it.
Anyone excited about Mayweather-McGregor?
I love Rittenhouse BIB -- I recommend it as the one essential bottle in any home bar -- but it will put you on your ass if you're not careful. I drank a Rittenhouse Old Fashioned last night and nodded off during the late night March Madness games.
Do you really need a photographer? Or floral centerpieces? Or an open bar?
Confessions of a Watch Geek The path sounds familiar. For everyone new, get out while you still can!
Paul Newman. Don't settle for anything less.
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