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I didn't see any yesterday.I tried the field jacket on in size 48EU and a 50EU. I don't remember any other sizes. I think the smallest size Bloomies carries is generally 46EU.
I like this jacket a lot, but man are those forearms tight! Designer's intent was clearly for the jacket to be worn over a buttondown shirt at most. Hmm, maybe this distinguishes it enough from my Ring Jacket A-1 to buy . . .
I should note that my view of the changes in the Tipo are entirely my amateur impressions that may or may not have any basis in reality. The navy check does appear to be the F/W version of the S/S CSC was carrying. It has flap pockets rather than patch pockets, however.
The items on the floor are a small fraction of what Bloomingdale's is eventually going to get. The collection is more evolution than revolution, so if you like what Eidos has been doing, you're going to like this collection. What I noticed were the small tweaks. As Antonio promised, the lupo polos are longer, which makes them easier to wear untucked. It definitely feels to me that the Tipo has been recut for F/W. The arms and armholes are much more forgiving (i.e.,...
Wrapping up . . . Wool outerwear, including a cool belted peacoat: Everyone needs a corduroy suit: If not, maybe just a three-piece: Creative take on black tie:
More pics . . . Knitwear: Shirts and ties: Sportscoats. I particularly like the brown jacquard -- very subtle diamond pattern:
As promised, here are the pics from my visit to Bloomies. Lupo polo in four colors: Lots of suits: Nice shearling jacket: Field jacket in wool twill flannel. Warning: The arms are Michael-Bastian long:
Canvas high-top Butteros on the NYC subway:
S/S is now 65% off. Lot of shorts of all sizes, some 48s and 52s as well.
I stopped by Bloomies NYC today. Massive dump of mediocre iPhone photos to come . . .
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