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"The Full Pitti" So you're new to StyleForum, but have made a sufficient impression on Greg and David with your posts that they've invited you to join them in Florence for the bi-annual ode to men's clothing. (Hey, it's possible, right?) The only problem is that you've got nothing to wear. Your closet is full of Jos. A Bank, Men's Wearhouse, and Kenny Cole, and the StyleForum vultures have snapped up anything desirable from NMWA. Or so you think . . . Oliver...
Not a tuxedo in sight in any of these pics. Lot of loud pants, however. I think you would be mistaken for the waitstaff if you wore black tie.
The four major professional leagues are in England, Spain, Italy, and Germany, with the EPL considered by many to be the best. Can someone explain to this newb why the English national team is so mediocre while the national teams from the other three countries have done quite well in recent international competitions?
I wear a size 15.75 shirt in most makes. (My Chan and size 15.75 Mazzarelli are approximately 15 7/8" from center of button to center of buttonhole after several machine washings on the gentle cycle and hang dryings.) I tried on both a size 15.5 and size 16 Eidos dress shirt yesterday at Bloomingdale's NYC. I much prefer the body of size 15.5 shirt, even though the collar is a touch snug. I ended up buying two size 15.5 linen shirts from C'H'C'M'. I won't being...
I'm looking for a team as well. Are particular teams known for particular styles of play? Or is that dependent on the coach and the roster at any point in time?
I'm visiting Manhattan on Saturday and hitting Bloomingdale's, Epaulet, and Carson Street Clothiers. Is Century 21 worth the detour right now?
I was double charged for sales tax in my confirmation e-mail. I was charged once for sales tax in my order on the Yoox website and on my credit card statement. So I think there is a bug in the confirmation e-mail generator.
I was happy for Klose as well. Pretty fitting that his replacement on the pitch scored the winning goal.
NYC or SF or somewhere else?
New Posts  All Forums: