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SOTD is Tom Ford Italian Cypress. I read on Basenotes that this scent is being discontinued, so I may have to buy a backup bottle. Just out of curiosity, how much money do you all spend for a full bottle/large decant? I think $2-$3/mL is a reasonable price for a good niche scent I wear frequently. Above $3/mL is where I start having reservations unless I really like the scent.
I've seen quite a bit of RG3 play, and the tape don't lie. He has bad mechanics, poor pocket presence, and most damning of all, the inability to cycle through progressions quickly. There have been plays in which multiple receivers are running wide open, and RG3 tucks the ball and runs for a minimal gain. His problem seems to be more mental than physical, although perhaps his injuries and loss of speed are degrading his confidence. He is going to need a total rebuild to...
Traveling tailor who visits DC every few months. I know you said you wanted a local guy, but Chan does good work if you don't mind the wait. Price depends on cloth, but I think it starts at $150 and goes up from there.http://www.wwchan.com/
It looks like the RG3 Experiment is over. Anybody think that Kirk Cousins could be the next Tom Brady? Consider the evidence: Multiple college starts for a Big 10 team employing a pro-style offense; slid in the draft due to concerns about physical ability; got chance to start after injury to starter, who was a top draft pick.
I have been happy with W.W. Chan.
Redskins 3-0 in the preseason.
Long Island Iced Tea v. Blue Motorcycle
I accumulate singles rather rapidly due to my daily morning purchase of a muffin from Au Bon Pain. (Need quarters for the clothing dryers in my apartment building's basement.) If not for this purchase, I would use cash very rarely and not need a money clip.
I agree that size IV is your correct size. Size V will be too wide in the shoulders and too long in the sleeves. Based on my experience with the Merino coat, the coat will look bulky buttoned up regardless of size due to the lining. I think that it's best to wear the coat unbuttoned on days that the temperature is not below freezing.
After some experimentation, I decided that I will continue to use a money clip to carry bills. I keep a folded-up $20 in the vertical wallet for emergencies.
New Posts  All Forums: