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Obscure website devoted to men's fashion? It was written up in the NY Times!
To L'Inc's list I would add Memoir Man (delightfully weird scent that makes me think of walking through a damp forest), Reflection Man (probably the most approachable Amouage), and Interlude Man (which I personally find unwearable but a lot of people like).
I just received the Inis Meain tunic from the August 2016 preorder. It is the perfect layer for a summer night with a slight nip in the air.
Anyone have a spare $45K to give me for the Hodinkee VC? Glad it's so expensive that it's not a temptation.
Off the top of my head, Shaun Alexander, who has nearly 2000 more rushing yards but no rings.
Anybody else surprised that Terrell Davis and Kurt Warner were voted into the HOF? Both players had incredible peaks, but those peaks lasted a short time. And both players were arguably products of their respective offensive systems.
^^^^^ I like the Pepsi GMT, although I much prefer the matte dial, tritium markers iteration to the version pictured. One of my grails is a Pepsi matte dial 16750 with a bezel that has faded to baby blue/fuchsia. Not sure if it has been around long enough to exist yet.
Another vote for the Batman. You're probably not thinking long term, but I think it's a future classic that in twenty years will be as highly regarded and sought after as the Pepsi GMT is now.
Any predictions for the big game? I know that the Falcons have a historically great offense, but I don't bet against Bill Belichick with two weeks' preparation. (Remember, he was the Giants' defensive coordinator when the Giants held the explosive Bills' offense to 19 points in Super Bowl XXV.) The Patriots keep the Falcons' offense off the field with long, time-consuming drives, and hold off a late Falcons' rally. The highlight of the Super Bowl is a...
Yep. The GMT to get is an early Pepsi 16750. All the matte dial goodness of the 1675 with a quickset date.
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