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Can you throw a bunch of stuff in a slow cooker?My alternate recommendation is to buy a bunch of bread and cold cuts and let everyone make their own sandwiches. No one is expecting gourmet food at a mountain cabin.
Interested in this as well. Maybe in a gray calf/blue suede colorway?
Some nice deals for big guys.
I love Frederic Malle's Vetiver Extraordinaire, but the price ($190 for 1.7 oz) is more than I'd like to pay. Went looking for a vetiver substitute at the mall. Had hopes for Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. It smells like Lemon Pledge. Creed's Original Vetiver is just bad. The search continues.
I'm also making my way through samples from M-C. Agree with you on Italian Cypress and Plum Japonais. Neroli Portofino is in this category for me as well. Tobacco Oud is a bit too aggressively masculine for me, although I can appreciate how well done it is. On the other end, I find Champaca Absolute and Cafe Rose too feminine to wear. Patchouli Absolu smells like a dirty version of Italian Cypress to me -- the Wall Street banker has loosened his tie and had a few...
Could be a good beater suit to reduce wear on the Formosas.
My thought exactly. If Curry was in that situation, would he pass the ball to Bogut at the top of the key? Of course not.
Midtown (59th Street). He's tall and thin and wears glasses.
I took the saddle tennis trainer out for a spin tonight. It's really great. Buy it. Mike, is a running shoe still in development?
Wearing Tobacco Vanille for the unexpectedly cold and rainy day. Not sure how to feel about Italian Cypress. My first thought upon smelling it was "Wow, this is a great work/all around scent." My second thought was "That smells a whole lot like old-school Polo." Can someone with a little more knowledge explain the difference between the two?
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