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My mistake. Apparently the Concentree is no longer produced, but the EDT is. I understand that Egoiste has been reformulated, and the new version is considerably different (and worse, according to most opinions). I still have some juice left over from the late 1990s that I'm holding on to.
Why is Chanel Egoiste no longer produced? It is an all-time great scent that would sell very well if re-released.
If gift certificates are less fungible than cash, why don't they sell for a discount? Why do I have to pay $200 to get a $200 gift certificate?
Brian can confirm, but I believe that (1) the StyleForum code only works on regular-priced items, and (2) items that are not final sale (like the ones on sale right now) are returnable within a certain time (I think two weeks).
Stitchy is right on the sleekness (or lack thereof) of the Marlow, but wrong on the Marlow being more SWD than MC. The Marlow is sleeker than the Vass Budapest, which I think everyone would agree is MC.
Buy accessories. Seasonal ties and pocket squares were a major hole in my wardrobe, and I have spent most of my clothing budget on those two items. Probably buy two more of each and call it a day.Lot of really nice scarves still available as well.
For NYC residents and visitors, Carson Street carries one Lorenzo model in store (not online).
So Tom Ford can sell you a monster-sized bottle that lasts as long as a normal-sized bottle.Wearing Amouage Jubilation XXV today. A little limited in application, but really nice.
Seattle and New England look like the class of the NFL right now. Denver on the next tier. Everybody else has a major weakness.
Please post deets when you go.
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