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I was planning on wearing TdH today until I remembered I had a dentist's appointment this morning and needed to wear something as bland and inoffensive as possible. I went with Bleu de Chanel.
Not great. The Brioni tuxedo was $999.99. I think the Corneliani suits were $400-something and the Kiton suit was $1,800.
Why do you have to go? I can see having to go to the wedding of a wife's cousin, but a girlfriend's cousin? Getting out of events like this is one of the advantages of being unmarried. If you can't convince your girlfriend to put one in the favor bank, I suggest taking the high road and wearing an outfit befitting the occasion. Suit preferred, navy blazer, dress shirt, and khakis if you don't have a suit.
Based on my experience with the F/W field coat, both Greg and Antonio are correct. If you intend to wear the coat over a sportscoat/suit jacket (as the lookbook) shows, you should take your normal Eidos size. If you intend to wear the coat over a tee or buttondown shirt at most, you likely can size down safely.
A few options:1. Say, "I'm the man of the house and will buy what I please. Now go make me a sandwich!"2. Have clothing/shoes shipped to your office, sneak them into the house, and insist you've had the item "for years" when asked.3. Divorce/breakup.
This Suit Supply tuxedo looks like it fits all your requirements. Here is a review by a SF member.
Where did all the Mitchells/Richards overstock go when Filene's Basement closed? I discovered on Saturday that some of it went to the Marshalls in Pentagon City. Amid the usual dreck (Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Naldini -- WTF?), I found several Cornelianis, a few Kitons, Isaias, and Samuelsohns, and the crown jewel -- a single-breasted, one-button, Brioni tuxedo with grosgrain lapels. I cried a little upon discovering it was one size too large for me. Definitely worth...
Unbelievable which bourbon won the Best Overall Bourbon category in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition this year. I may have to go pick up a bottle soon.
First date after work today, so I went with FM Vetiver Extraordinaire.
Anybody else sizing down from their F/W field coat size? I'm thinking of staying with the same size to leave open the option of layering over an odd jacket.
New Posts  All Forums: