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After some experimentation, I decided that I will continue to use a money clip to carry bills. I keep a folded-up $20 in the vertical wallet for emergencies.
SOTD is Creed Royal Mayfair. The scent is beautiful, but performance is abysmal. Like it turns into a skin scent almost instantaneously. Can anyone recommend a better performing rose-based substitute? I've done a search of this thread, and it seems like I might want to test Amouage Lyric Man, MFK Lumiere Noire Homme, and FM Portrait of a Lady. I've already tried Le Labo Rose 31 and TFPB Noir de Noir, and those are in the running.
SOTD is Diptyque L'Ombre Dans L'eau. Pretty good longevity and projection for a warm-weather floral.
Received my navy vertical wallet. No marks this time. Looks like another winner! I think this will replace my cardholder (which is around ten years old and falling apart) + money clip.
Creed Royal Mayfair (from a NM sample). This is an elegant and understated rose scent, and one of my favorites from the house. If it lasted as long as, and projected as well as, GIT it definitely would be decant-worthy. Because it doesn't, I'm on the fence about it.
SOTD was Tom Ford Italian Cypress. Got a bunch of beach-y scent samples from STC (plus Gucci Pour Homme II) that I tried after work today. Profumum Roma Acqua di Sale was gross. Creed Erolfa and Miller & Harris Fleurs de Sel were okay, but didn't smell much like the beach. CB I Hate Perfume At The Beach 1966 and Mr. Hulot's Holiday were both great. I will have to test them further for projection and longevity. Any other fans of CBIHP?
Frederic Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire. Sample from STC. I think this is delaying the inevitable -- the purchase of a full bottle. I just registered for Basenotes and discovered the splits forum. This could be a problem.
TMZ's description sure makes it sound like a sucker punch to me. If this story is true (and not the one about $1K being owed), I have a lot more sympathy for Geno.
Got a sample from NM and wore it last night. Nice rose scent, not worth what NM is charging. Hopefully this shows up on the gray market in a year.SOTD is Bleu de Chanel. I'm trying different locations to spray to maximize longevity. Today it was the dip of the collarbone and the biceps.
Not shedding any tears for Bay Area sports fans considering they have two reigning champions, but yeah, this offseason for the 49ers has been as brutal as any I can remember. I half expect to hear a story that Vernon Davis tore his ACL playing pick-up basketball and is out for the season.
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