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It's obviously not a daily wearer, but as an FU watch for the weekend, I'm oddly intrigued.
^^^ Truth. I had one recently with mezcal in place of gin and serrano. The smokiness of the mezcal and the heat of the serrano complemented the tang of the lime/maraschino and sweetness of the Green Chartreuse perfectly. On a related note, I actually prefer the negroni's cousin, the agavoni, which substitutes silver tequila for gin. The vegetal nature of the tequila similarly complements the bitter orange of the Campari really well.
I use Gran Classico in place of Campari for my Negronis. Rounder and sweeter with a creamy mouth feel, it's allegedly close to what Campari originally tasted like. A Negroni variation I've been drinking lately consists of equal parts rhum agricole, Cocchi Rosa, and Gran Classico, with a dash of tiki bitters. Stir and serve over a big cube of ice.
You're using very subtle gins with a very bold vermouth. I would switch your gin to a navy strength or a rye based like St. George Rye. I don't like Antica for Negronis -- too big and vanilla-y. I recommend Cocchi Torino or Dolin.
Thanks. Shoes are Rivieras.
Headed to the beach.
Friday before vacation. I thought Creed VIW was appropriate.
Creed Green Irish Tweed and Bond No. 9 Chez Bond are supposed to be very similar (at higher price points). GIT has a permanent place in my fragrance rotation.
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