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SOTD is MFK Lumiere Noire. Kurkdjian may be my favorite perfumer. Everything he has made (including the scents for other companies) is beautifully constructed. The only criticism to be made of him is that his scents may be a little too perfect if you're looking for something edgy.
I imagine that most of them look like Pigpen from the Peanuts comic strip, followed around by their private scent storm.
http://www.esquire.com/style/g2716/women-menswear-trends/ Okay, it's the view of what appears to be three 20-something women, so take it with a mountain of salt. I thought it was amusing, particularly the last one.
I own an Orange Monster. It wears smaller than the listed 42 mm size because of the short lugs and wide bezel.
I tried out Frederic Malle Monsieur at Barney's today. It is . . . not good. There is an off-putting note somewhere that I also found present in Bruno Jovanovic's other creation for Malle, Dries Van Noten. And for me, patchouli should be a complementary player, not the main scent.
I got to the sale around 4:30. By that time, the store looked like it had been ravaged by a horde of Epaulet-loving locusts. Briefly thought about buying a pair of chelsea boots on a crepe sole, then thought they were too similar to a pair of boots I already owned. Rather proud of my restraint.
Is Kobe the greatest Laker ever? Objectively, he's got the numbers. But when I close my eyes and think of the Lakers, I see Magic leading a three-on-one fast break ending with a no-look pass to Worthy or Scott for an easy basket. I grew up watching the Showtime Lakers, so I'm biased.
Two other random thoughts: 1. As great as Kobe Bryant was, he wasn't the greatest player of his generation. Tim Duncan was. Consider this amazing fact: Aside from the lockout-shortened 1998-99 season, no Spurs team with Duncan has ever won fewer than 50 games in a season. 2. If the Warriors don't win the title, they're not the 1996 Bulls. They're not even the 1994-95 Rockets. Which come to think of it, would give the Warriors a fascinating seven-game series. The...
Thinking of visiting NYC this weekend. Do any stores besides Bloomies and Gentry carry Eidos? Maybe Saks?
Best statistic from last night: Steph Curry's shooting percentage from 30+ feet is 48%. The rest of the NBA's is 7%.
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