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I'm assuming that the Chartreuse is being substituted for the sugar cube/simple syrup, not the absinthe (which is just a rinse).
For the first time in forever, Surrender to Chance has put some fragrances I wanted to buy on sale for their Fabulous Fragrance Friday. I picked up 5 mL samples of Honour Man, Jubilation XXV, Dzing!, Rose 31, Patchouli 24, L'air du Desert Marocain, and Lonestar Memories. That should last me for awhile. Wearing Creed Aventus today.
Santal 33 is nuclear strong. People will smell you before they see you. It's nice, but I wished I liked it more.I'd say DHI's opening smells like makeup. The drydown is a very nice cocoa scent. Wait for it and see if you change your mind.
No drops on some items, very significant drops on other items. Must stay strong and not buy.
I believe Scott's jacket is a MTO. Bloomie's NYC is selling the jacket in a navy twill flannel. Contact Marc Etlin to see if there are any left in your size.
Really rank opening. I don't even know how to describe it.
End does as well.
I tried on the casentino bomber at Bloomie's NYC in the size I wear in Eidos odd jackets. It fit well in the shoulders and sleeve length, but is very, very snug, particularly in the forearms. I don't think I would be able to wear anything more than a button-down shirt underneath. I didn't try sizing up one, but I think that would make the jacket too big in the shoulders and the sleeves.
I can't believe I'm giving serious consideration to buying the lounge pants. Anyone own them and can give some general insight?Also, any thoughts on the Gray "Larry Ferri" sweater? You just bought one, @in stitches, right?
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