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Decent sale on select items at Bloomies.
I still smell Patchouli 24 on my wrist from yesterday. That's some potent juice! I have an after-work date tonight, so I'm back to Timbuktu. I like the freshness of this scent. Out of curiosity, where do you all spray, and how many sprays do you use? I'm doing two sprays on the chest, two on the back of the neck, and one or two on the inside of each wrist.
Yep, chocolate birdseye is the town bicycle.
Do I need the pearl gray if I bought the cream of wheat?
Wait until 4 PM to have lunch and use a mason jar if you need to pee.
Last call is over and the lights have turned on. At least she's got a friend to hang out with now.
Got the cream of wheat flannel. Now waiting for a fawn.
You can hoard in your cart and decide later. Not that I'm recommending this strategy.
And so it begins . . .
Like throwing chum to hungry sharks . . .
New Posts  All Forums: