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http://ny.racked.com/tags/sample-salesPatrik Ervell has a sample sale March 6 through March 8. Would go check it out if my trip to NYC wasn't already packed with Armory Week activities.
This is my experience as well. I take the Rota in size 50 and the OS in size 34, and the latter is narrower everywhere.
Virgin Island Water, no doubt. It evokes thoughts of sitting on a beach sipping a daiquiri. I also like Silver Mountain Water.Based on your other preferences, I think you would like Serge Lutens Chergui, Chanel Egoiste, and Le Labo Rose 31.
Juice and soda (particularly the latter) are far worse for your waistline than alcohol. Go cold turkey on those two if you haven't already. Easiest thing you can do in starting to lose weight.
Used up the remainder of my sample of Musc Ravageur today. This is a fragrance community darling that I've never warmed up to. I guess I just don't like sweet gourmand scents that much.
My feet are the same as yours, except my left foot is slightly smaller than my right. I tried on a pair of G&G St. James in size UK8.5E at Leffot. They felt like rock-climbing shoes (i.e., very, very tight). No way they would work even with extensive wear and break-in.
More stuff added to Carson Street's sale list. If you like something, grab it. Two items I was interested in disappeared shortly after they appeared.
I am a slim size 40 (chest size in between 39" and 40"), and take a M in most shirt makes. I own the Niche microcorduroy shirt and paisley square-bottom shirt. Before buying, I tried on both shirts in sizes L and XL. I could wear the XL, but after much deliberation and consultation with Kyle, I decided I preferred the trimmer fit of the L. The shirts have just enough room to be slim but not tight. Measurements may vary between models, so compare with a well-fitting...
Factors 1 and 4 conflict with one another. At your price point, a watch is not going to be rare enough to increase in value over time. The best you can hope for is that the watch is sufficiently popular to maintain its value or not lose too much. Which brings you to one brand . . . Rolex. It appears that you like dark-faced dive watches. I've been out of the watch game for many years (too many competing hobbies sucking up $$$), but I've always like Ulysse Nardin's...
In my experience, the bomber fits consistently with other Eidos items -- i.e., on the slim side of TTS. Take the same size you take in Eidos suits/odd jackets. Don't expect to be able to layer a substantial sweater underneath.
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