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Aperol Spritz
The Tanino runs one size large. I wear size US9.5 in Epaulet sneakers and size EU42 in the Tanino. Size EU41.5 would be even better.
The hunting jacket caught my eye as well. SdC is really slept on here. The bunny parka is probably in my top-three favorite items purchased from NMWA.
Must . . . resist . . .
Thinking of making a midnight navy BlazerSuit: two-button, unstructured shoulder, patch + welt pockets, smoke MOP buttons. Anyone do something similar (for this EFF or another)?
Do you offer payment installment plans to allow the customer to spread out expenses for a pricey piece (kind of like NMWA's pre-orders where you pay half up front and half later)? An acquaintance of mine just bought a large piece from a highly regarded local artist. Knowing that this piece probably ran mid-five figures, I assumed he was rolling in dough. Then he told me that he got a three-year payment plan and has the piece while he's paying it off. (Most art payment...
I like it. It's particularly good if you want an amount that's less than a full bottle but more than a sample, or a scent that's prohibitively expensive at retail (e.g., Creed Royal Exclusives).Happen to be wearing DS & Durga Italian Citrus today. They're not as refined as the big boys, but a lot better than other indies I've tried (Slumberhouse, Imaginary Authors). They raised prices by nearly 50% recently, so I probably won't be buying any more.
Take a look at Montblanc as well. It's not just for pens anymore. The watch division is headed by the former head of JLC.
In Philly, Boyds has a good selection of Creed and Amouage. They charge retail, so it's best for sampling rather than buying.
I have a black-tie gala tonight at which I will be wearing Plum Japonais. So I decided to wear it during the day as well. One of the best from the TFPB line.
New Posts  All Forums: