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When I don't know any of the beers on a menu, I often choose by brewery. Favorites include DC Brau (local!), Heavy Seas, Dogfish Head, Bell's, and Lagunitas. What are yours?
The best IPA is Dogfish Head 60 Minute. Discuss.
The trainers are very comfortable. I had been waiting and hoping for them to appear in the sales section.
Yeah, I think Beacon Hill --> Boston Public Garden --> Back Bay is a must. That's what comes to mind when I think of Boston.
+1 to the Gardner Museum and Wallys, -1 to Harvard Yard. (Sorry, I'm just a little biased. )Time permitting, I think a trip to the ICA and Louis Boston would be nice as well.
You went true to what size? The adjusted US size is the correct one. I am a size US9.5 and I bought the US9.5/EU42.
Picked up the white GATs for an insane price after the additional discount.
This non-Korean likes the Yellow Vendor food truck that operates in DC. Mandu is a Korean restaurant in DC. I ate there a long time ago and liked it. It appears to be doing quite well: Two locations and plans for a third. I suspect it may be less than authentic, however. Hopefully not as inauthentic as Ping Pong Dim Sum.
Most of the good Asian food in the DC area is in the suburbs, consistent with the residential patterns of Asians who live in the area. VA suburbs for Vietnamese and Korean, MD suburbs for Chinese.
I don't live in Boston, but my sister does. For a first time Boston visitor, I recommend a lobster roll from James Hook, a cannoli from Modern Pastry, and dumplings/hot noodle soup from any one of many restaurants in Chinatown.
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