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Pretty sweet jackets. I own a Valstarino that looks nearly identical to the blouson. I don't need the MA-1 in ghost suede as well, do I?
I thought the pork bao from the first SF trunk show was the best food offering. Tasty, filling, and relatively clean.
The Reverso is an icon, and I feel like I might get flamed for this statement, but I'll go ahead anyways: The Reverso is not a great dress watch. Due to its carriage, it sits high on the wrist rather than hugging it. The Cartier Tank is better if you're looking for a pure dress watch. The Reverso does look great with business casual dress, however.
How is the QB controversy in Dallas really a controversy? If the Cowboys are winning and Prescott is playing well, you keep starting him. "Starter doesn't lose his job to injury" is the dumbest "rule" in all of sports.
As a Skins fan it pains me to say this, but it looks like Dallas got the best two rookies. Of course, it doesn't hurt to play behind the best o-line in football. Is Frank Gore the most anonymous superstar ever? He is rarely discussed as one of the best running backs in the game, but he is ninth on the all-time rushing list and climbing.
Will the food be sufficiently filling to make a meal out of it, or should we plan on getting lunch elsewhere?
The Inglese polo shirt turned out very nicely. Will definitely add a few more.
Really, really nice.
Been feeling under the weather, so a lot of hot toddies. Like mine with rye whiskey.
I tried on the shearing-lined HJ at Barneys NYC yesterday in my usual Eidos size (50). It is cut pretty trim to the body. I was wearing a button-down shirt at the time, and I don't think I could wear more than a medium-weight sweater on top. I wouldn't want to size up, because the arms would be way too long. Antonio can say more, but perhaps this was designer's intent? After all, one generally doesn't go hunting in the dead of winter.
New Posts  All Forums: