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Yep. Rose is the hometown guy. Moving him used to be as unthinkable as Cleveland getting rid of LeBron. Hope the Knicks made him take a physical first.
I bought the REDA pearl gray hopsack from the last EFF. So light and comfortable.
Barnes really shit the bed in the finals. No problem. I bet at least one team sees him as the next James Harden: a third or fourth option who will blossom when he becomes the first option.
Anointing an individual GOAT in a team sport is an inherently impossible venture, given the difficulty in comparing players across positions and across generations. That said, LeBron is, without a doubt, in the All-Time Starting Five. If you had a very large sum of money riding on the outcome of a basketball game, are there two forwards in NBA history who you would pick over LeBron? No, unless you're a blind hater. What sets LeBron apart is his ability to affect a game...
I don't know about the bomber in particular, but I size up in all Japanese brands, including SDC. I am a size EU50, take a medium in most makes, and the large in the SDC bunny parka was perfect.
I wear my Great Wave square quite a bit as well. I have the wool/silk version. I have been moving away from 100% silk squares, as I prefer squares with a matte finish. As far as brands go, I like Roda and Tie Your Tie. The former is available at Yoox, the latter at NMWA.
The smart money's on Rory, but I have a feeling that this is Wonderboy's time. I'm really interested in seeing how this fight plays out, particularly because these two guys have trained with one another. If Wonderboy wins, I think he defeats Lawler handily.
Live by the jump shot, die by the jump shot. Barnes has been ice cold, and everyone else on the Warriors was subpar. Looks weren't that bad either. Shots just weren't falling. Is LeBron the Finals MVP regardless of who wins Game 7? As great as Kyrie has been, LeBron has been the best player on the court by far. In a decade, we'll see him as the NBA's John Elway: a supreme athletic talent who was unfairly judged by his NBA Finals record. How many of his runner-up...
I'm biased because I own the older version of shoe #1. I think the GAT works best as a two-tone shoe, and the white/light gray combination is the classic model.
Creed Royal Mayfair today. The scent is pleasant enough, but the projection and longevity are anemic, even for a Creed.
New Posts  All Forums: