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My thought exactly. If Curry was in that situation, would he pass the ball to Bogut at the top of the key? Of course not.
Midtown (59th Street). He's tall and thin and wears glasses.
I took the saddle tennis trainer out for a spin tonight. It's really great. Buy it. Mike, is a running shoe still in development?
Wearing Tobacco Vanille for the unexpectedly cold and rainy day. Not sure how to feel about Italian Cypress. My first thought upon smelling it was "Wow, this is a great work/all around scent." My second thought was "That smells a whole lot like old-school Polo." Can someone with a little more knowledge explain the difference between the two?
My theory is that students at top b-schools are high achievers who feel self-conscious that they are not working as hard as students at their university's law school. I say embrace it: "We work less than you, have more fun, and will be making a lot more money when we get out."
I heard from a friend who went to a top business school that b-school is basically two years of networking. I repeated this thought to a woman I just met who is starting Darden in the fall, and she got offended: "Not at UVA it isn't. People there work hard."
Reviving this thread . . . Anybody else excited about the two title fights at UFC 187 this holiday weekend? (If they happen, that is. I'm still expecting Weidman to withdraw due to injury any minute now.) Belfort can knock out anybody in the world, but slows down considerably after the first few rounds. If the fight makes it to round 3, Weidman is a cinch to win. I think Weidman weathers Belfort's early storm, smothers him, and wins by fourth-round submission. ...
http://www.styleforum.net/t/77058/the-official-mma-thread/5400_100Ghost town recently.Kind of interesting that most hard-core MMA fans (myself included) love boxing and most hard-boxing fans hate MMA. My favorite combat sporting event of all time is still the De La Hoya-Vargas fight from 2002. Boxing fans like to claim that MMA requires a lot less skill, and point to former UFC LHW champion Jon Jones as someone who would never become champ at such a young age in boxing. ...
I'm Chinese. For several recent weddings of cousins, I have given the couple a check in the amount of $188.88. Feels like about the right amount, with some nice symbolism (8 being a lucky number in the Chinese culture). So I agree with the above posts that $200 is a good ballpark figure to start. Add or subtract depending on how you feel about the couple.
There are two types of people in this world: Those who love loafers, and those who don't know any better. Agree with one of the above statements that loafers worn with a suit should be sleek with a long vamp. Bass Weejuns aren't going to cut it.
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