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Omega authorised dealers get 45% off the list on the majority of the range, you won't have to try too hard to get one to split that with you. I would use list less 22.5% as the market price from an authorised retailer, I would look at the saving to be made in the grey market against that price and not the list.
If first impressions count then outerwear is the most important item of clothing you own, on those days when impressions count. I'm an outerwear obsessive.
I'm only mid-40's and those socks were Charcoal not Black!
I have the Lobb Tilbury with the laser etching, I find it uninspiring. Fortunately, for me, it almost vanishes with a few polishings. >I'm a bit of a bohemian transient buyer and i do love to have a bit of everything... Then Lobb is the only sensible choice.
Mr Universe winners Current boxing champions
Quote: Originally Posted by TCN I have, those Europeans all have teh gay. Especially the English. ;-) To my knowledge there has never been a ghey Englishman.
Quote: Originally Posted by mensimageconsultant Right. If that's a picture of the author, then he looks good but not very masculine. That probably meets much of the stereotype of a homosexual male (besides attention-getting dress). If he is rather small and not muscular (as, compared to Americans, Europeans often are), that would also contribute to the perception. You've never been to Europe have you? Have you ever left your state?
>not a hobbledehoy, fit for little more than loitering around the drinking establishments after nine o'clock in the evening No finer use of a young mans time exists, a hobbledehoy is the perfect occupation for a 26 y/o.
I think you nailed all the faults in short its just way too big. >but I really don't know how to ask for what I want. Find a H&M store, go to it, try one of their slim fit suits. If it, and it should, fits more like you want that's a great starting point.
Bump Or more specifically there are a few wool/cashmere overcoats at STP featuring the Silver Lauren Ralph Lauren label. Exceptionally cheap but quality wise what is the verdict?
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