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>London eye Ferris wheel on steroids
Speaking of smoking jackets.... Just £20
>Paul Smith dip dyed brogues I could just about see the association with something like that, not a traditional English brogue though.
I've picked up maybe 6 or 7 Boss items in the last few weeks, at sale prices I think they are a very good buy. Jackets/coats can be very good and they do a range of flat front slimish trousers in a wool with a touch of lyra mix, perfect for the biz caz office. On the down side their shirts are uniformly awful at any price.
I find the wool to wear better.
>I hope not to spend too much money but do want something decent H&M
I have the Ironheart belt in Brown, truly wonderful and highly recommended.
Thinking more about food in London, our national dishes would be worth trying; English Breakfast Fish and Chips, Cod or Haddock is acceptable, mushy peas optional. Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding, AKA Sunday dinner.
Indian food is a great rec for on a budget with style eating in London. Pushing the boat out a little more you can eat at the Savoy grill for a little over £30 a head http://www.gordonramsay.com/thesavoy...s/theatremenu/ >I heard a filet o fish meal at McDs in London costs $12 (6 GBP) $37.11 with fries and a regular coke.
Lauren by Ralph Lauren Luxurious Topcoat - Wool Cashmere $199 before coupons at STP, made in China but remarkable value.
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