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Got mine yesterday [the blue cardie], a wonderful item and very highly recommended.
Quote: Originally Posted by culverwood How do you define greatness? To live in, to work in, to shop in, to eat in, to enjoy art in, for politics. To even get on the shortlist you must have won the European Cup, at least twice and ideally back to back.
Thanks for the post but.... New York Greatest city on Earth
Looks too wide for my taste also. I have a similar problem with most Derby's, usually go up 1/2 a size as a rule.
I have the second coat and the quality is OK, for the price though its a steal. I think the first coat is just too expensive.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy Paul Smith dip dyed brogues.
>London eye Ferris wheel on steroids
Speaking of smoking jackets.... Just £20
>Paul Smith dip dyed brogues I could just about see the association with something like that, not a traditional English brogue though.
I've picked up maybe 6 or 7 Boss items in the last few weeks, at sale prices I think they are a very good buy. Jackets/coats can be very good and they do a range of flat front slimish trousers in a wool with a touch of lyra mix, perfect for the biz caz office. On the down side their shirts are uniformly awful at any price.
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