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It is a tough job to find a "correct" vintage Omega but bear in mind that the biggest suppliers of frankenwatches has probably been Omega themselves. I think the database shows what should have happened back in the day but doesn't always reflect the actuality. For your first Omega I would honestly say that ebay should be the last place you look.
$99 No lap dance.
Quote: Originally Posted by stevejobs Yet, since the cashmere is on the outside of the coat you rarely get to feel it. Might just be me but that's false. I think cashmere is somewhere near twice as warm as wool weight for weight, so you either get twice the warmth or half the weight. I'm a fan of quality cashmere.
>less formal and more appropriate for the country The RL one from STP I would class as formal despite the colour, not a country coat at all. Quality is so so, I paid $208 and its just about worth that although to the untrained eye it looks an expensive coat.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alan B. I love it how a lot of guys on here pretend to be old school British gentlemen. It makes me laugh out loud. Take that back you rotter or I will horse whip you to within an inch of your life.
Brit bump.
I'm in.
I think for better quality in that market segment Harvie Hudson stand out, £33 each if you buy 3.
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 100% cashmere. Made in Italy. size 52: I have that one, buy it only if you can cope with being stopped in the street and asked where you got it from. My best purchase of the year so far [and there have been many!].
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