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Another vote for Fred Perry.
I have some Church's in a similar colour and style, look great with a solid Navy suit and also a Navy pinstripe. I like them with jeans too [a lot].
It's a great price but I prefer Bexley trees. The sellers "perfect" trees are poor quality imho, I shudder to think what the seconds are like.
I have a Bridge briefcase with detachable strap, great all rounder. http://www.leathershop.co.uk/detail.asp?ID=946
>But will you be wearing an Omega? Yes, set to GMT.
Or a "heads up" as our colonial cousins would say. St George's day tomorrow, don't forget the buttonhole. I'll be making a special English effort; Church Shoes. Pantherella Socks. Sunspel Underpants. I am claiming Levi 501's on behalf of Her Majesty. Sunspel White T. John Smedley Jumper. Daks Jacket. Turnbull & Asser Square. Red Rose.
Bad clothes with a good fit can be better than good clothes with a bad fit. Plan your wardrobe so you have the time to find the right deal. Kiton is pronounced key-tone. If in doubt see if HRH favours the brand. If still in doubt see if 007 favours the brand. If HRH and 007 agree just buy it. Made in England is prefered as there must be a factory shop somewhere! Never make love to your wife in the morning, you may meet someone better during the day.
I like the John Smedley style, I think the quality is good if not great.
Today 2 pairs C&J, 1 pair Lobb's and 6 polo's plus 3 V Necks from John Smedley. Today was factory shop day!
>The locusts have stripped the shelves of most 8000 last stock. That was me. Were you in there today about 11am?
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