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Always. What if you get run over?
>decent suit, no tie = business casual, beyond doubt (at least for the UK) That about nails it. Dependent on what image you are looking to portray a navy suit, light blue shirt [button cuffs, regular collar] and some brown loafers is a good look. The lighter you go on the shoes the more casual/fashion forward you become, if you are expecting the firm to sport chinos and blue shirts I'd be tempted to go fairly light tan on the shoes. Don't discount a pocket square...
I think it looks great, the more casual the loafer the better although I think suede can look a little off. No socks unless you are going for the comedy look.
To be fair it does what it says it does but like you say the stickiness aspect is worrying and it's very difficult not to leave streaks. Personally I wouldn't use it on a pair of grade A shoes but am happy to use it on general workhorse shoes. I insist on shiny but am prepared to cut corners on the lower grade shoes to save a lot of time. Best use I have found for it is on general leather stuff, briefcases, belts etc. I have a lot of stuff from The Bridge and it does a...
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