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Quote: I don't like how similar in colour the tie and coat are. I think its because of the similarity in colour that the outfit looks good.
Scroll up in the spreadsheet.
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy Size 40R RL Signiture navy pure cashmere sportcoats in Jerome IV model. Seller had 3, I just scored one with a best offer of $400, you might even do better. Thanks for the tip, just what I was looking for. I got $375 accepted.
Could I get the measurements on the Pal Zileri cream linen sportscoat too please?
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Selling off leftover scraps on ebay, will make an explosive B&S return in a month or so, I would expect to see a bunch of great stuff on the B&S as the summer sales season kicks off. Proof, if it were needed, that the prayers of Brits are listened to and actioned.
An almost 100% cure for sick days is self-employment. At work the rule is simple, of you are well enough to get to the doctors you are well enough to get to work.
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron I'll join your wholecut-ambivalent minority. +1 from a Weymouth owner.
Molto bene! There will be very few rooms you walk in to where you won't be the best dressed, by a long long way. As a nitpick I don't like the laces in the Lobbs
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