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Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater I have a Barba tie and it makes an excellent knot. Here it is: It may just be me but that is the problem I have with the Barba ties, the knot is just too perfect, almost souless. The Marinella's have that "don't leave me alone with your wife" knot, whereas the Barba seems to say "don't worry I'll have your daughter home by 10" vibe.
I don't want to be too controversial but I think the recent changes in the ebay feedback system will be for the good. Now sellers have to ask themselves did they do an *outstanding* job, did they meet even exceed the expectations of their customers, doing a "not too bad" job may no longer wash. You said Black in the description, it wasn't Black, refund and pay a fair return postage. Most of all do it gladly, with grace and style, be happy that the customer has helped...
I'm a big Barba fan bit their ties leave me cold, they just seem a little "off". Bear in mind I only have a couple of both Barba and Marinella ties but for me the Marinella's are much better, they sit just right if that makes sense.
Quote: I don't buy the argument that the qualities of clothes (fit, color, materials) are so arbitrary that they cannot be objectively reviewed. There are definitive criteria you can use to judge any product such as quality of cloth, workmanship, price, and overall quality. Consumer Reports does this all the time with everyday staples like polo shirts and tube socks. I think that broadly the people who buy such magazines are interested in how the...
I have some standard 15.5's which are a 46" chest.
Think European, Dutch would be a good choice. Under no circumstances wear a tie.
English shirts Levi 501 Paul Smith
I like to put dibs on the 40R "RALPH LAUREN" (signature line) russian twill grey jacket please.
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