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Swaine suitcase, 1930's and looks it but "just" £189 BIN
I have one of the leman models, very happy with it. I think for that particular style of clothing it would be very hard to beat in both cut and quality.
I think if you were taking a step down from JLP then C&J would be a good place to land.
Do you have the waist measurement for the Kiton?
Nice ultra dark raw jeans, brown loafers, unstructured beige linen sportscoat, open necked pink shirt. From that day forth you will known as The Man.
I have snagged a few things from them, mainly shirts, always been a good seller. Stuff has always been authentic but make sure you know exactly what label you are buying, i.e. kiton or Sartorio as an example.
PM sent on 40r
Quote: Originally Posted by TexasLidig8r What's the point in pajamas if you have 1000 thread count sheets on your bed? Hospital son, hospital.
>Borrelli PJ's as seen on Virtual Clothes Horse I grabbed a pair of those, very nice. I wouldn't say the fabric has an awesome feel to it but nice all the same, worlds biggest MOP buttons too. I can only compare them to Derek Rose and they are a gazillion times better. Decent fit, true to size I would say although the jacket is quite long, almost smoking jacket length but all the more elegant for it. The only downside for me is that they look a little flamboyant, maybe...
Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh I think you are tilting too far toward the buyer in your above post. It's like saying that no matter what the reason, or a lack of a reason thereof, a seller should gratefully refund any transaction no matter what the facts are. In the UK that is generally the law with mail order transactions. Putting that aside, seller says Black, item not Black, customer should be more than entitled to return with...
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