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I have the strummer model, nice style and incredibly light, very comfortable to wear.
Thanks! Ordered a 3 lions passport cover, been on my wants list a long time.
Omega Aqua Terra
Dibs on the brown scarf if still available.
I have a similar jacket, it really is quite nice, not at the top end by any means but very good value at ebay prices.
>I'd say that Barba is probably your best bet. Ian Daniels usually has a good selection and posts the measurements +1 Worth looking at the Attolini shirts there also, my current favorites.
As far as pocket squares go if I can't wang then I don't wear it.
My go to laptop is the Macbook Air, I grabbed one of these leather sleeves for protecting it inside a briefcase; If I'm traveling light then this is the prefered option;
I have a cotton/linen mix by Malo via Yoox, perfect!
Swaine suitcase, 1930's and looks it but "just" £189 BIN http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...m=150277199511
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