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How do the wabasha chukka boots fit? It says the only option available is E. I wear a size 9 in Jack Purcell's, 10 in Air Jordan's (1's, 4's, 11's).
Thanks Scouser! Hmm, debating on them since I wanted to try on a pair in person.
Is Tate & Yoko the only place to purchase WG Highs?
Lowered by $10 to $50!
I would like to see them put out more WG Highs.
Sz. 31 Naked & Famous Weird Guy in Grey Selvedge These are worn but still have life in them. These retailed at $135. Looking for $50 Shipped.
The evo on your guys' Indigo/Indigo... Boomer's Indigo/Indigo To the guy that picked up the WG High + anyone else that has, how are you liking them so far? Debating on picking up a pair or another pair of Shearers.
Haha, whoops. Here you go.Also, great fit of the WG High's, btw.
They're all Size 31's & both N&F are Weird Guys.Tate & yoko has the same measurements on the WG High's as the Imperial Shearers do so hopefully this helps give you guys an idea of how the High's will fit.
Size X-Large Live Mechanics Split Decision Hoodie This is WORN ONCE. This jacket splits in half. Retails for $60. Looking for $40 shipped.
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