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I'm an avid Apple person myself and my pbg4 has a special place in my heart (I'll never forget that time in starbucks when it helped me score a date with one of the cute coffee-shop chicks - long story, may tell another time) - and I haven't seen the Porsche except in that little picture - so can't judge yet. But to me, it looked very beautiful nonetheless.
My store would be open late Friday nights with a bar and a DJ. Clothing would be 20% off during those nights. Soon, we'll start seeing Prada laptops.
fyi: A trenchcoat, by definition, must be full-length and waterproof and usually contains removable lining and a wide belt. So cashmere trenchcoats don't exist. Sorry, but I'm anal.
Excessive masturbation's supposed to help build abs too, although you can take it from me that it's bullshit. I find that regular crunches and sit-ups are a great way to build abs fairly quickly. If you're looking for a painless method, however, I can't help you.
Disagree with Jst. A guy who does not pursue relationships at work is giving up on a social world that he's a part of for around half of his conscious life. Relationships with immediate coworkers need to be very clearly thought about, but there's nothing wrong with a casual date - plus, a lot of these girls have hot friends.
Here's a tip: use your judgment and drive both of the relationships forward at a reasonable pace, and concentrate on meeting as many women as you can - if one of these two seems to be slowing down, it will be nice to have others going on as well. I wouldn't *discard* anything ever - unless you get a flat-out rejection. That's what I do, anyway - until I get rejected, I pursue and pursue. great dialogue overheard at a bar: guy 1: "So you're quite the ladies man." guy 2:...
Which restaurant are you taking her to?
I wouldn't wear a suit. don't buy one if you don't already own one, when the occasion doesn't demand it. Wear something elegant that you already have - dress shirt with nice trousers should be enough.
You are at an early stage with both of them. I would suggest going out with them both until you decide with whom you feel more comfortable - but I am confused - are they both from work? because if they are - and they find out you're dating them both, they might get some nasty revenge on you For some reason, women don't like it when their guys date other girls. Go figure.
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