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Hows the sizing on the Chippewas? My chucks are 8.5, I hear chips run big. Think ill be alright with an 8?
Grad student on a budget, looking for a pair of boots. Thinking vintage. Ive seen some great Chippewa work boots from way back in top condition. But they're the higher ones (bout 9") that cover youre ankles. How do these fit with slim/skinny jeans/pants? Are they too much boot for casual wear? Like these, but in waaaaaay better shape. Thanks.
I saw these talked about in the non-baller sneaker thread. Id buy them (esp. at that price), but i cant justify another pair of gray/blue high tops.
Nike Pepper Low. Thoughts? I kinda dig the brown
Quote: Originally Posted by lmaozedong thats just how ebay works--prices go from low to high
Quote: Originally Posted by mike868y rookie mistake. Ya, i guess posting a steal that I wanted on a fashion forum was a bad idea. Haha. No biggie. Probs shouldnt spend the cash anyway.
Nevermind, not so cheap anymore. Haha.
Looking to replace my winter coat. I came across this today ( Its dirt cheap. anyone have any experience with Topman coats? Ever seen this one before? Have any idea how it might fit? Seller says its a sz. S but he 'wears it as a slim medium.' Im a slim small (barely a 36). But then again, its total cost is like 20$. Should I?
Got a better pic/link of the BS jacket? Ship to Canada? Thanks.
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