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Probably already mentioned but... approved?
FYI- Get Outside has the Iron Ranger's at 199 CAD ($100 off) plus 5/15 shipping, Can/US.
Quote: Originally Posted by noobizor Didn't you say you're teaching comp or something? I'll be paying attenton to your developing teacher-steeze. Ya, im doing the grad school phd thing, so teaching undergrads/loafing around/playing music is kind of my daily.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lane russ, I think its fine, but the denim jacket isn't a good addition. That's just me, though. Thanks Lane. Im trying to build a wardrobe of more than jeans and gap shirts. haha. Its nothing special yet, but im working on it.
2nd post...keeping it simple. Again, iphone pics- apologies.
Quote: Originally Posted by jordanservice I am looking for an every day shoes. I know Clarks DB has been recommended 1000 of times, and I do like them. But do they work in South Florida or LA climate? What is a good every day shoe for hot weather? Also, what do people think of toms shoes for every day canvas ? In general I don't like there toe. Also looking for everyday shoes. Not a big fan of most sneakers ive come across. I teach...
Ive got a brand new pair of rigid 511s (not APCs or nudies, but hey, its all i got), and had a major wine spill. I ripped them off and went for a cold soak, then a quick spot wash by hand. Is there anything else I can do? Dry cleaners tomorrow?
Ya, Simon I dig it.
Quote: Originally Posted by steveoffice Why do first time posters always wear that toggle cardigan? It's pretty ugly IMO, and the sweater seems like it's about to burst. Haha, did not know there was a legacy. Its actually pretty loose on me, i think i pulled it back in the pic. I had a hoodie on earlier, but I never like the hoodie over a collar look on me.
Alright gents, first WAYWT post. This is typical casual for me. Sorry for the iphone pics. And yes, one of those is in my bathroom (best light in my apartment) Lets hear some tips/criticism!
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