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^ Badass.
Sure theyre not an 8.5? Damm...
phaseshift those look sick.
^ Thanks. Im getting a pair of PS 27s of a member (I figure 28=30 and size down one for stretch), well see how it goes. Ill post pics when I get them- hopefully their not too skinny.
pm sent.
Hey guys, another noob question. Im a true 30, looking for a pair of raw denim. Thinking APC. Im looking for a slim fit, not too skinny, but not baggy (like 514/501s). Some places say the NS is 'the true skinny jean,' others say its a straight fit and the PS and NC are progressively skinnier. So im thinking between NS and PS. Obviously id size down at least to a 28. But how baggy are the NS's? Should I go 28 PS or 27 NS? Thanks.
Bows, I love the fit on those jeans...what are they?
Looking for spring/summer/fall shoes for this year. Can't decide between suede bucks (brown or greyish), DBs (Beeswax or Tan), or some Black leather or canvas chucks/purcells. Sneakers would be about 80$ cheaper... Looking for versatility and bang for my buck. Mostly going to be worn with jeans, maybe shorts (but Im not afraid of DBs with shorts...)
Calvin Klein Modern Stretch Trunks. Comfy as all hell. Get them at the Bay in Canada.
Quote: Originally Posted by g transistor Pants fucking suck fuck pants +1
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