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Hey Canadians: What's the best option for getting a pair of PS shipped up here? Or should I just head to Holt Renfrew in TO?
pm sent re: rrl slim raw 29x30 and deck sweater. shipping to canada (Toronto)
pm sent
pm sent
what happened? To tight/loose? Throw up a fit pic in the APC forum..
Quote: Originally Posted by Orly http://www.kanyetothe.com/forum/index.php?topic=340.360 Scroll down like 4 posts and this guy says he has a 30 waist and has 27 NS's on. THose look great at the end... i want i want i want.
Bought a bunch of stuff from Lemon Soda, everything was in great shape and as advertised. Would buy from him again. Very good communication.
Quote: Originally Posted by cowsareforeating not bad, need better camera/angle/lighting BUTTTT i think the chunky oversized scarf needs to be all the way over your clothes. not half over half under as it looks in the pic, otherwise, a solid fit not a fan of the watch but w/e Thanks. Ya the watch is a bit dated. Im trying to find better places to take pics, but my apt. has pretty dim lighting, esp. after dark. Thanks for the tip on the...
Lots of action tonight. Im going to interrupt with a noob fit- don't kill me... Ive posted 2 others and havent gotten ripped apart yet, haha. This is no where near what some of you are rocking... but Im trying. I guess its a poor man's take on Synthese's fit a couple pages back. Ha. Constructive crits would be great... (Apologies for the iPhone pics, dont have a legit camera- grad school money is tight.) Deets on the boots: [[SPOILER]]
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRyanWallace Yes. +1.
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