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Fuck that, 'heroin sheik' .
These are 27s. I tried on a pair of 29s and they were already a bit relaxed, ie easily buttonable and roomy in the top block. So im thinking 28s should nail it.
This was my initial reaction too. Thanks. Anyone else?
Fit question: these are my PSs fresh out of the box. When I pull on the waist I am about an inch away from being able to close the top button. But cant get any of the other ones. Is this fit great? Or one size to small. ie, will they stretch out THAT much?Apologies for the crotch zoom, undie showing pic. Seriously, apologies. [[SPOILER]]
Just got my 27 PS in the mail from needsupply and they're a bit tighter than i expected. I can only get the bottom button done up, and even when I pull tight the top button is like 3 inches away from closing. I tried on some 29s and they were too loose. So im going to send these back and get some 28s.
looks like a great fit to me. hope mine look that good.
Just ordered my first pair of selvedge- APC ps 27. I typically wear a 30 (stretched my 511s out to a 31). Ill post pics when they get here!
Just got my Sterlinwear Classic 32r. It looks like they measure the chest not from pit to pit but across the back. p2p my 32 is about 17.5, a slim 36. Just a heads up.
Anyone know if Sterlingwear peacoats are still sized way up? ie. That my 5-7, 135 frame, 35" chest will fit a 32? I checked the past pages in this thread, but want to be sure they havent changed their sizing before I order. Thanks.
seconded. fucking grade 12 math.edit: ah. its the subject test. I took the general for my philosophy stuff.
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