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I attended the University of Colorado in Boulder when I was young and stupid, needless to say, I did not finish. It took me many years and a couple of other Universities to complete my degree at the University of Phoenix. Although UOP is not highly regarded, it had a program that allowed me to finally get that piece of paper.
I just got the best Private Country Club in the state to donate a pass for 4 golfers to play their course so I can auction off at a golf tournament I am running tomorrow. I will most likely buy it as I have in the past providing me an opportunity to play their great course with the group that I choose!
Payment and PM sent last night. Waiting for reply. Thanks.
[quote=upr_crust;4558523]An experiment - my first seersucker suit. Nice suit and combo there Crusty. I have had my eye on a seersucker but even though the SW is close to the South, seersuckers are rare here. In fact they are not even stocked at our best Dept Store. I am on my way to the Caribbean and will hopefully stumble on some nice linen, etc. Well done!
I have a BRAND NEW (NOT SECONDS) pair of Allen Edmond Strands in Walnut size 10D, MSRP of $295 listed on box. They are the #5 last and they come in original box with shoe bags. I ordered a new pair in a narrower width. Price is $240 via PayPal with FREE and quick shipping to US. Please PM me - first come first served.
Tread lightly. The big boss might be offended that you are questioning his judgement if he hired the guy. In time, your new manager will more than likely show his ignorance or lack of knowledge. If it ends up becoming more of a problem, you might have to look for a new job. I have worked with a lot of ignorant people and wondered how they got to the position they did and have yet to figure a way to out them. Good luck.
I was in the 3rd interview, narrowed down to 3 candidates, and I was nailing it. The position was for a Civil Engineer to head up an effort to map the entire community using GIS technology and the pay and benefits were very good. Well, my mind went blank when I was asked if I knew what AM/FM was. Well, that is a very common term, Automated Mapping Facilities Management, in the GIS industry. I think I started sweating and the look on their face went from being impressed...
Quote: Originally Posted by Grigory Thanks for the tip! I've just bought a pair of Strand walnut too. Glad I could help someone else out on a good buy. My wife probably won't be too happy but I will be!
Quote: Originally Posted by jawzzy Wow, Allen Edmunds fifths!? This whole time I've been looking for something cheaper than seconds, like thirds, but I had no idea AE sold fifths! Someone alert Vox! If you were serious, 5ths is short for the 5th Avenues style. If you were being funny, ha ha I get it!
Quote: Originally Posted by PTWilliams Hows this: RLPL shirt Brioni tee Hermes shorts Cole Haan shoes Advice appreciated. Would that be a black belt with brown shoes? My golfer tan is too bad to go sockless making it difficult for me to dress up my shorts.
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