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I just hate when wait staff expect to be tipped for the shitty service they deliver. I hate having to pay 18% for a party of 5 even when I get shitty service. I also think it is unfair that high end restaurant waiters get a hell of a lot more at 15% than a cheap restaurant, I doubt they work harder. I feel for the lady that waits on people at Soup or Salad and gets $2 dollars for bringing drinks and cleaning up. I have witnessed her practically running to do a good job...
Eau d'Hermes! I just got it this weekend. I have gotten many samples and have been trying to find a sale or gift box with all that I wanted for a while now. Well, fragrances never seem to go on sale. However, I dropped into a fragrance store at the outlet mall that had a gift set with the 3.4 ml cologne, a small travel size cologne, a shower gel, and after shave balm for $64, so I jumped on it.
Gonna watch in about 10 minutes at 1:00 am MST. I lost interest last season and was pretty disappointed because I liked it so much in the past. I also watch because Adrian Grenier is a distant cousin. It is kind of cool to be see a relative on the big screen, well little screen in the living room but you get my gist. I hope they do well but I do think they were kind of running out of material and creativity. I can't really see a movie but you never know.
I was out at the Women's US Open in Colorado this weekend. Those women are awesome. They can absolutely play. The course was rated at 155 slope and 7100+ yds. Also, a lot of very beautiful young ladies. A nice looking woman that can play some serious golf is quite a turn on for me. Some of my favorites were Natalie (of course), Bea Recari from Spain, Morgan Pressel, Jessica Korda, Sandra Gal, many of the young Koreans, Christi Kerr... I can't wait until my next...
Top Places I've been in no particular order: Paris Rome Venice London Top Places I'd like to go in no particular order: Paris/Southern France Sydney Swiss Alps
Quote: Originally Posted by oldog/oldtrix I don't know the "rules" on socks with a suit, but to me it is a MUST. For a very casual outfit, I think one "may" choose not to wear socks but that is not my personal preference.
Quote: Originally Posted by dtmt you're banned from drinking...? Actually you have to be careful on how much you consume the day before. I know of a guy that tested positive the day after Superbowl, and when questioned he stated that he had not had anything to drink 12 hours prior to work. However, prior to that he had more than 12 beers and still had enough in his system to blow a positive. They said it didn't matter when he had consumed...
I work for the Government and they now have random drug testing for all employees. I have probably had a urine test for drugs and alcohol 20+ times in the last 19 years.
6/13 - 5% PRICE DROP - $228.00 w/ free and immediate shipping in US.
11 years ago lightning hit a tree 3 feet behind me on the golf course. I was immediately knocked unconscious and was sent flying twenty feet through the air. After about 20 seconds I regained consciousness and realized I was still alive. I never heard the thunder and fortunately didn't receive any electrical shock. I went back to the scene the next day and measured the distance from the tree to my footprint then to the area where I landed. I was actually very fortunate...
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