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That tie knot needs work, check out Spoo's which are almost "always" tight and tidy!
That tie knot needs work, check out Spoo's which are almost "always" tight and tidy!
I have a BRAND NEW (NOT SECONDS) pair of Allen Edmond "Strands" in Walnut size 10D, MSRP of $295 listed on box. They are the #5 last and they come in original box (very slightly damaged) with shoe bags. I wore them around on the carpet for less than 5 minutes and realized they were too wide for me, I ordered a new pair in a narrower width. Price is $230 via PayPal with FREE and quick shipping in the continental US. Please PM me - first come first served.
I remember going to a place in my early twenties and complaining about the size of the two required minimum Buds for $4. I used to have trouble staring at a girls crotch or boobs as something just didn't seem right. The place we went to didn't have very high quality girls but we were very limited in our city. Now 30 years later, we have a great place with a lot of girls visiting from other cities. They say they make more money here and enjoy our club, good for us. I...
I wish I had called mine off. I will always live with that regret.
I find the topic of strip clubs to be very interesting. I enjoy going occasionally to view the psychology of it all. It has a variety of situations and people. I hate the high pressure sales from some of the girls and have gotten into some arguments with a few because they implied I am cheap. Most understand if you don't want them, someone else does. I also think more women should learn from strippers, or at least understand that guys want their women to be more...
Believe me, you pay in one way or another for anything a chick does to/for you!!!!!!!!!!!
I just hate when wait staff expect to be tipped for the shitty service they deliver. I hate having to pay 18% for a party of 5 even when I get shitty service. I also think it is unfair that high end restaurant waiters get a hell of a lot more at 15% than a cheap restaurant, I doubt they work harder. I feel for the lady that waits on people at Soup or Salad and gets $2 dollars for bringing drinks and cleaning up. I have witnessed her practically running to do a good job...
Eau d'Hermes! I just got it this weekend. I have gotten many samples and have been trying to find a sale or gift box with all that I wanted for a while now. Well, fragrances never seem to go on sale. However, I dropped into a fragrance store at the outlet mall that had a gift set with the 3.4 ml cologne, a small travel size cologne, a shower gel, and after shave balm for $64, so I jumped on it.
Gonna watch in about 10 minutes at 1:00 am MST. I lost interest last season and was pretty disappointed because I liked it so much in the past. I also watch because Adrian Grenier is a distant cousin. It is kind of cool to be see a relative on the big screen, well little screen in the living room but you get my gist. I hope they do well but I do think they were kind of running out of material and creativity. I can't really see a movie but you never know.
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