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Thanks for correcting me, I was thinking "natural" but wrote "walnut". I did have some of that dressing when I first got them but after a few applications it dried out. So, what do you think AE uses to start with? Did the Chili change the look of yours? I haven't decided on the sandpaper yet, I just want to get a uniform look when I apply new dressing. i don't want the blotchy spots to show thru as I am sure they would with the natural. I might try some type of...
Okay after a lot of searching and without much success, what are people doing for edge dressing on Walnut AEs? Also, I am wanting to strip off what is on there currently as it is looking a little spoltchy (sorry no pics at the moment). My cobbler said to use sand paper to get the old stuff off and I also read the same somewhere here on SF. Anyone have experience? Also, the AE sales guy said some people prefer Chili edge dressing as the Walnut is pretty transparent. I...
Crusty, love the socks, very cool!!!!
Senior Sir Crusty - I really like this combo (had o fix that senior as I didn't want to imply anything about age and couldn't figure out how to get the tilde over the n in the Spanish senor so I'll just go with Sir). The tie is really cool how the blue comes out and matches so nicely with those beautiful cuff links. The pocket square is such a nice color and goes so well with everything. I also like the dark suit with everything else. To me, this is one of your bests. ...
Love the shoes and the shine. I would appreciate if you share with me what you use for edge dressing.Thanks,
Thought I would post a pic of my Walnut 5th Aves. When I chose them over the Strands, I wanted something a little more conservative with less broguing. However, I ended up getting a pair of Strands and they are actually my favorites. Here in Northern New Mexico, where I am one of less than 1% that owns descent shoes, it is nice to stand out a little and show some real style. I will get a pic of my 5ths for next time.
I was surprised that no one mentioned Cheadle's suits, etc. I read they are all bespoke and a lot of Tom Ford ties. I like the show for the most part especially Kristen Bell. I think they are often reaching to make it interesting and to have a worthy plot and story line, and OMG it is soooo over the top sometimes. However, so far I am finding it entertaining.
Lucky guy. The fit looks pretty excellent to me. In fact, I am kind of bummed that the $500 HF suit I got on a big sale at Dillards last year isn't a very good fit, and I will soon be spending a lot of money on tailoring to get an okay fit. What can I say, lesson learned. However, where I live I would be hard pressed to find any kind of suit at my Goodwill. I'm not talking just my size mind you, I am talking one measly suit in the entire store. I live in Santa Fe, NM...
Sorry but I am doing this bigger.
What do you think?
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