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Just picked up a Hickey Freeman suit, MSRP $1495,for $445, or 70% off at Dillards. I was able to get Surgeons Cuff for $25. The wife wasn't too happy as $445 is a lot to pay for a suit in her opinion but she doesn't understand the cost of quality. When one finds a deal like that it is worth a few more days in the dog house, nothing new to me!
Absolutely love the tie!!!
I would call. I take the approach that if someone says they are going to do something by a certain day/time and they don't do it, I take matters in my own hands. I would start off by saying, "I was told I would get a call by Friday and when I didn't hear from you, I thought I should call". Maybe she called a wrong number and left a message, maybe she lost your contact info... Good luck!
Love my new Allen Edmonds 5th Avenues in Walnut. Balmorals but I think they go with Jeans nicely. I got mine at Bodell's Shoes Rx ( for about 20% below retail for signing up for their on-line newsletter. If you are patient you might find them on eBay too.
I am Project Controls Engineer (support to a Project Manager) at a DOE National Lab. Interesting stuff at times, other times just a job to pay the bills. A campus type atmosphere with lots of PhD scientist that are more interested in function over form. Basically minimal to no style around here!
I have an 05 S4 in Silver and I hate that the mirrors blend with the paint color. They contrast nicely with Black and Grey. I like the way the silver mirrors say, "I am an S4." The other way is as I fly by in an seemingly innocuous sedan!
New Allen Edmonds 5th Aves!
Just got these AE 5th Aves yesterday and I love them. They were back ordered for about a month and I was growing very impatient. However, it was worth the wait. Wearing them at home while watching TV to break them in.
I really like your color choices, especially purple, my personal favorite. It appears to me that you always put a lot of thought into it. I don't get the opportunity to dress up much given my place of work which is very laid back, but I am inspired to dust off some of my fancy duds. Keep up the good work!
Great input. I just bought some walnut AE Fifth Avenues and wondered about wearing with my navy suit. I also think about wearing them with some grey flannels. The AE web site lets you see how shoes look with various slacks and I think the walnuts look pretty good with most of them. I don't think they would work with the grey slacks if worn with a black sport coat as I would want to wear a belt to match the shoes which would clash with the coat.
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