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Put a little of my soul into the socks today! Attachment 61127
[quote=upr_crust;4205431]As per the advice of several of you in this forum (and others more closely linked to my real life), I made a change to my glasses frames (I needed a new prescription anyway - aging does that to a person), and also decided, with the new style of glasses, that the facial hair did not "fit". I can relate to the changes with the eyesight, weight, and the whole age thing as I am quickly on my way to 50. I mentioned my recent buzz cut that I had to...
Quote: Originally Posted by upr_crust That radical a remodeling of my image is not in scope at present, and as it happens, it's still cold in NYC - hair IS insulation, even a horseshoe thereof. Recently went the way of the buzz myself and have had to find suitable head protection this winter. Very tough for me when wearing something a little more formal.
Being a purple lover, I again love the tie and how nicely it works with the entire ensemb.
I have a pair of J&M Cellini black cap toes with a soft deer skin on part of the shoe that is very soft to the touch. i recently applied a cream polish and felt like they weren't as soft. Is there anyway to keep them soft but prevent them from drying out?
Great thread! I recently got my first pair of AE Fifth Aves and started looking at my old shoes and how bad some of them looked. Well, I was contemplating buying some new casual shoes to replace some that were dry and lifeless looking. I decided to hit them with the AE Walnut polish I got for my AEs, and WOW what a difference. I am now thinking about resoling and keeping them for a while. The point is that taking good care of your shoes can make them look great and...
Quote: Originally Posted by acridsheep I had trouble telling which one was the "real" Clooney!
Just picked up a Hickey Freeman suit, MSRP $1495,for $445, or 70% off at Dillards. I was able to get Surgeons Cuff for $25. The wife wasn't too happy as $445 is a lot to pay for a suit in her opinion but she doesn't understand the cost of quality. When one finds a deal like that it is worth a few more days in the dog house, nothing new to me!
Absolutely love the tie!!!
I would call. I take the approach that if someone says they are going to do something by a certain day/time and they don't do it, I take matters in my own hands. I would start off by saying, "I was told I would get a call by Friday and when I didn't hear from you, I thought I should call". Maybe she called a wrong number and left a message, maybe she lost your contact info... Good luck!
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