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I have a similar new suit with blue lines in it and wondered if you ever have trouble with shirt colors other than blue or containing blue? If you have some other pictures with different colored shirts I would like to see them. Looks good by the way. Thanks, Randy
Luvin these Hugo Boss socks w/ my AE 5th Aves!
Quote: Originally Posted by phxlawstudent People notice if the jacket does not match the pants exactly The issue is not that the pants won't match the jacket, the issue is will it not look like a suit if the jacket with horn buttons is worn with the matching suit pants. If I put brass or bright colored buttons on the jacket, people will probably think I am trying to match a pair of slacks with a blazer. I am inclined just to wear it as is a...
I have spent a fair amount of searching SF on using a Navy suit jacket as a Blazer, and a lot of people say change the buttons and it will work. My question is, "If I change the buttons from the current dark blue to a horn (color?) how will it look when I wear it as a suit?" I don't want to go gold or silver as I think it won't work with my suit. How many people really notice that I am wearing my "suit" jacket as a blazer, and should I really care? I know the SF purist...
Quote: Originally Posted by aq81 i see alot of people talking abount good deals, where can i get a good deal online? i'd love to get a new park avenue for around $17-200 Contact an AE outlet, here's a list w/ phone #s. I called one outlet and the guy emailed me everything he had in my size. I understand that you can return if you don't like or can't live with any blemish... I think I remember a price of $199 for AE 5ths which I was looking...
Love the hat. I am sporting a similar hairdo for about 8 months now and wear a similar cap through the winter. I don't wear a suit that often but I am starting to and I am glad to see that the cap can compliment the entire look. Well done!
Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff Upload it to photobucket.com, and use the link they provide. Thanks so much, I am now a posting fool, instead of just a fool!
My first post on this thread even though I have been observing for a while. I have been inspired by many of you and your great style and attention to detail. You all have made me look closer at the fit of my dress clothes, but I have a dilemma as we lack quality tailors here in New Mexico (USA). I am traveling to NY soon and plan to take a few items to get professional advice and alteration. Blazer: HSM Gold Trumpeter - Loro Piana 100% Cashmere Slacks: HSM...
Quote: Originally Posted by in stitches above the text box is a square icon with mountains click on it paste the link in there you may need to allow pop ups I tried it and a dialog box popped up looking for a URL - "Please enter the URL of your image:" I want to paste a jpg from my hard drive.
Why do my attachments come in small size? How do I post a bigger picture? Is it because I am a "junior member" with few posts?
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