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Since my full length shot came out blurry, I will ask more about the look than the fit. First is this dimpling acceptable in the tie knot (DFIH/Prince Albert)? I got a little tired of wrestling it this morning. Anyone like the color matching? My "Nancy" tie is brighter than Crusty's and Acrid's. Today is the Pink ensemble w/ Black Cashmere Blazer and Grey Flannel trousers: AE 5th Aves in Walnut: I hear no love for yellow ties, any love for this one from a...
[quote=MBreinin;4264264]CBD. Yawn. Sartorio by Attolini Borrelli Roundtree and Yorke Wright Cordwainer Have a good one, Mike Could be a winner in CBD today!
Quote: Originally Posted by acridsheep Must be pink tie day. I am with others in saying the tie blends into the shirt too much, but I like bright ties anyway. It must be spring there to go sockless. As for me in the SW, where it is supposed to be warm, we have fresh snow in the mountains - common in spring at 7200 ft elev, in fact might be 60+ later in the day. However, it allowed me another day of sporting new flannel trousers.
Quote: Originally Posted by exhaze I noticed an interesting pattern in scrolling thru Phat Guido's full-screen images, which prompted this GIF: Yes, I'm quite bored. This is "just" awesome!
Quote: Originally Posted by barims Some promises, I do keep - here's the houndstooth suit in full: I'm afraid the computer ate the standing shot, so another time I like the suit and the socks too!
You can always count on me for a positive comment with almost anything that has purple in it. I like the bright colors, and now that we are in spring I think it is especially acceptable. However, take it with a grain of salt as I have not earned any status of having style on this forum!
Sadly no full shot, they all came out blurry and I'm not getting dressed again to take pics. Just grey trousers down low and normal black oxfords. I'm enjoying this tie though.[/quote] Was planning to wear a new pair of grey flannel trousers tomorrow but wondered how the SF would view it now that it is "officially" spring. However, I see a few postings with winter garb. I am trying to squeeze a few more weeks out of the winter clothing.
"I'm sure there's probably some rule about not matching shoes to tie, but I like this look so don't care " I too wondered about that rule of matching tie and shoes. I am having a hard enough time trying to match with out being too "matchy, matchy" as someone criticized.
I think you owe it to the Forum to add the Fred hair style, it would really nail the look!
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin Randy: I have only worn this suit with white and blue shirts. I think this very shirt 90% of the time. You could go solid white or solid blue. You could also probably bring in a different color, like maybe a pink. Mike I'll have to let you know, or post a pic, as I plan to try the pink. Thanks, R
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