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Quote: Originally Posted by LawrenceMD how about carla gugino as the older brother's GF? Thanks for that, I love Carla Gugino!
AE Fifth Avenues in Walnut - I love them!
Quote: Originally Posted by Threadbearer Spring, my ass! I'm with you, this transitional time is confusing to me. Here in the SW we get it all, snow, rain wind big time, and sun, usually all in the same day! Going to DC next week and wondering what to wear. Beautiful jacket by the way, really like the tie, and how you worked it all together.
Any love for my Duchamp socks w/ J&M loafers?
Mike's quote, "These pants came hemmed to a proper length, and I have not decided if I should leave well enough alone, or cuff. " Funny you should say that, I was thinking, "What no cuffs on Mike's pants!" My tailor kind of discouraged cuffs saying they can make one seem shorter and squattier. I am 5'10" with a slenderish build so I don't think that isn't much of an issue for me, but I feel it depends on the particular trousers/slacks for me. I like yours the way they...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jbreen1 ^^^ Nice car. I really wish I spent the extra $10k and got the S4 over the A4. It might have been more in the long run due to additional maintenance, insurance, gas... I wonder if it is worth the money sometimes but it sure is fun to drive!
I currently drive an 05 Audi S4 which has 340hp w/ AWD. It is an awesome ride and a lot of fun to drive. I really enjoy the 80mph to 110mph acceleration!
Quote: Originally Posted by sacksem I recently ordered two Charles Tyrwhitt tailored fit shirts and am very pleased with what showed up two weeks later. Their tailored fit is slimmer than their slim fit but is also the most limited in fabric choices. Though the sizes always seem to be on back order, I also really like the specificity in choices which allow the buyer interger sleeve lengths or even half inch increments for a small charge. 16x35" fits me...
[/quote] I've wondered about a striped shirt with that Jacket pattern but still not sure. I will wait to hear others chime in as I would lean to a solid colored shirt. Donning the penny loafers again I see.
I am no expert but if that is what happened the first time, I would not have any confidence in him and would probably not give him a second chance. I would ask for a refund and go elsewhere. Good luck!
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