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Quote: Originally Posted by Coburn Nice! But now someone can knit pic the lack of cuffs and when you get cuffs someone can knit pic the break and then someone can knit pic the size of cuff....
I was trying on some new shirts last night after a lot of inspiration from SF and discovered the start of some "man boobs" and I was quite disgusted. I think I hide the 10lbs I want to lose pretty well as I am somewhat of a slender build. However, we all want to get to some ideal weight/look/feel so i need to do something. I am realizing that my metabolism has slowed as I am approaching 50 fast. So, I am getting off my ass starting last night, and doing every little...
Great tie, love the texture!
Nice PS, it contrasts the conservativeness of the overall outfit. To me it says, "Don't judge to quickly, I have a flair to me that you have not yet seeing."
Harumph. I have to post directly after someone blue-eyed and handsome, young enough to be my spawn, and who makes his own shoes to boot - and it's raining in NYC. Arghhhh. Oh, well, for contrast, here's the old geezer wearing what is suited to the morning's monsoon. Being an old geezer myself , I like the fit and color combination!
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Nah, Im selling the LP to make the doors hurt less. Then 3 days later I drive this fucker and forces me to reconsider priorities. Temptation is a bitch my man!
Bought a sweet little Audi A4 a few years back, drove it for a year (25K miles) then sold it locally for more than I paid for it!
Quote: Originally Posted by Jacksdad As a seller I am responsible for allowing some of these great deals to happen. Over the years I have learned the errors of my ways. Word to the wise; unless you've got the hottest item on the planet, NEVER start the auction at $1 with no reserve....you'll get burned every time. I was going to say that, as a buyer I look for last minute items that are steals because no one bids on them. I have paid little...
In my new Hickey Freeman Suit (that I love) worn last Thursday. - Daniel Cremieux Shirt - Missoni tie - Cotton PS (no linen yet) New HSM silk/wool SC worn last Friday w/ lots of compliments on color combination. Actually refolded PS just to show light blue edge. - RL Shirt - nice Chinese made Tie - Cremieux PS
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