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See, my guide book has already mislead me. I didn't want to sound like the Aussie I am not, but G'day was supposed to be a friendly way to say hello, and I read to say mate to the man you were addressing and bloke if addressing many. In Hawaii one must be careful trying to blend in when it is obvious you don't. I have a tendency to pick up an accent after a few days and that can be offensive, especially when it is obviously wrong. Thanks for the suggestions.
Socks with sandals wouldn't exactly be SF approved so I will be able to abide by that one.
G'day blokes, my son (a 2 time cancer survivor) was recently granted his wish from the make-a-wish foundation to travel to the land down under. My 20 year old daughter, my 18 year old son, my wife, and I are very excited to be traveling to Australia sometime in July or August. We are to list things we would like to do and someone from the Australia chapter will try and put together an itinerary. We will be staying as many as 9 nights. I figured we would use one day to...
Thanks for that post as I am about to take sand paper to my the edge of my Walnut 5th Aves and I wondered how they would turn out. I am also planning to use the Chili edge dressing as the Natural edge dressing doesn't do much IMO.
Those look awesome, exactly what I was going to order. I would have pulled the trigger for $164 as $199 was still a great deal. I bought an Omega Seamaster recently so I have to wait a while on new purchases. Nice snag for you my friend!
Rock on Purple Socks!!!! :
Glad to know I am not the only one that likes purple socks. My wife gives me a hard time about them being so obvious especially where I live, in northern NM where people have a very different sense of style. In fact, you can't see most people's socks under their cowboy boots. Mine are usually rocked under my Allen Edmonds Strands or 5th Aves, big time around here!
Thanks for correcting me, I was thinking "natural" but wrote "walnut". I did have some of that dressing when I first got them but after a few applications it dried out. So, what do you think AE uses to start with? Did the Chili change the look of yours? I haven't decided on the sandpaper yet, I just want to get a uniform look when I apply new dressing. i don't want the blotchy spots to show thru as I am sure they would with the natural. I might try some type of...
Okay after a lot of searching and without much success, what are people doing for edge dressing on Walnut AEs? Also, I am wanting to strip off what is on there currently as it is looking a little spoltchy (sorry no pics at the moment). My cobbler said to use sand paper to get the old stuff off and I also read the same somewhere here on SF. Anyone have experience? Also, the AE sales guy said some people prefer Chili edge dressing as the Walnut is pretty transparent. I...
Crusty, love the socks, very cool!!!!
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