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I would ask myself a lot of questions about what you want from your community. I live in Santa Fe, NM which is pretty expensive as the main industry is tourism. If I were a single guy I would not want to live here. However, there is snow skiing close by and the weather is nice with a mild winter at 7400 ft elevation. Do you like to go out to night clubs....? Albuquerque is a pretty nice city with an affordable cost of living and a pretty nice climate, not too hot in...
A little bit of a gamble on eBay but there are some good deals. I bought a SC listed as mint but when it came in all of the pockets were still sewn up, so it was really new. I paid $50 and it was at least 50% Cashmere and I love it. I figured I could afford $50 for tailoring if it didn't fit and have only spent $12 for sleeve lengthening. Since you are continuing to loose weight you wouldn't be at a great loss if you get some wear out of it, and I suspect your fits are...
Well let me tell you what sucks about living in New Mexico regarding Men's clothing. Our TJ Maxx doesn't even have men's shoes or sport coats and I don't think we have Marshall's anymore. The best I have done there is to get a few TH and Nautica ties, and a couple of RL Polos. The best dept. store is Dillards, which I like for their sales, but only one in Albuquerque (3 total inc. 1 in Santa Fe) has HSM Gold Trumpeter and Hickey Freeman. They do have great sales at...
My kids don't understand getting excited to watch TV. Descent programming wasn't at our fingertips back then (mid 60s). Saturday morning was worth getting up early to see 'cartoons" such as Johnny Quest, etc. Now days if you don't like what is on 24/7 just go to the computer and find something there or netflix... Also, we have lots of TVs and computers in our house. Back in the day we were lucky to have "1"! After school my mom was usually watching Soap Operas so we...
W T F !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Charles Tyrwhitt is having a sale. I got a shirt from them during their last sale and I like it a lot for the sale price, less than $50. http://www.ctshirts.co.uk/default.aspx?q=usddefault|||||||||||||||
Timing is perfect on this. This lady behind me at the supermarket had her 3 yr. old kid standing in the basket and I couldn't help telling her that I read an article where kids fall out and because of their height they end up landing on their heads. Well she felt offended and said, "Well, this is my third kid so", before she could finish I said, "Well it only takes once". What I really wanted to say was, "I guess you can spare one then"!
Quote: Originally Posted by Sam Hober SpooPoker, Per your request, here are some rolls of our new grenadines, we have many more in our silk room. Note we now have more than 70 grenadines probably the largest selection in the world, and our grenadine collection is still growing. I checked your web site and saw some beautiful specimens. I'll probably jump on one soon. Well done!
Quote: Originally Posted by k4lnamja Thanks, gents. A grenadine for $10. I'm pretty happy with that Was it listed as grenadine? I have been looking and everything I find is priced high.
Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR go to the gym I am with you. I see some nice threads and they don't look that great on the Chaps wearing them, which made me question my own body/look. I am now eating better, exercising, and on my way to some nice threads fitting well. Good luck!
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