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Quote: Originally Posted by upr_crust For today's posting, from outer layers to inner (well, not the non-exposed layers ): Overcoat - Adolfo, cashmere Scarf - Fortnum & Mason, silk brocade lined in navy cashmere Hat - Selentino Suit - Brooks Bros., fabric Vitale Barberis Canonico Shirt - Charles Tyrwhitt Sea Island cotton Tie - Paul Stuart Cufflinks - Metropolitan Museum of Art bookstore Braces (not seen) - New & Lingwood, London Socks -...
Quote: Originally Posted by TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES jumped on brown macneil and Walnut Augusta 208 Not bad Where'd you score that deal? I have been looking for some McNeils in Walnut. I love my AE Fifths and my next choice is a pair of Strand's also in walnut.
I have been complaining about the lack of style and men's clothing where I live and someone said at least you don't live... It made me think of why I live where I do and what are the good things that I do have. So, please post things you like about where you live/work. I live in norther NM where we have incredible views of the mountains which are a short drive away. I enjoy skiing within an hour of my house and we have very nice golf courses for less than $75 also...
Men shouldn't be expected to in our society today, but a gentleman would do it!
Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy yeah, but imagine if you lived someplace like carlsbad. see? feel better now? I hear ya, the rest of NM is pretty pathetic with regard to shopping. In fact I want to start a thread about nice things in your area and I will post some pics of the beautiful views of the mountains out my office window.
A request to all, I would appreciate knowing some details about your wardrobe of the day, i.e., tie maker, suit maker and fabric, shoe maker... I hate to ask each one of you and I see others asking similar questions to mine. Thanks in advance for those willing to provide details.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fred49 I love how all of the colors in the shirt, PS, and tie all come together. Nice job!
Quote: Originally Posted by xchen Double Monks! I am relatively new to SF but I would think the consensus is that it is a no no to have the skinny part of the tie be longer than the fat part, it is a definite re-tie event for me when that happens.
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin I spent 20 minutes trying to tie this unlined, 9 foot long if someone comments on my knot, you better not open any packages for the next month or so. I had a similar problem recently wit a FIH and DFIH. Does everyone here on SF have such an objection to a half windsor? I find I can get a thicker knot with a clean dimple and it is pretty symmetrical. I know it might look too well put...
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido [b][center][font="Century Gothic"][size="3"]Tic-tac-toe I saw in your profile that you are a baggage handler, if this is true, you are the best dressed baggage handler I've ever seen, and... someone of your size must be missing a lot of fine threads from their luggage!
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