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Men shouldn't be expected to in our society today, but a gentleman would do it!
Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy yeah, but imagine if you lived someplace like carlsbad. see? feel better now? I hear ya, the rest of NM is pretty pathetic with regard to shopping. In fact I want to start a thread about nice things in your area and I will post some pics of the beautiful views of the mountains out my office window.
A request to all, I would appreciate knowing some details about your wardrobe of the day, i.e., tie maker, suit maker and fabric, shoe maker... I hate to ask each one of you and I see others asking similar questions to mine. Thanks in advance for those willing to provide details.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fred49 I love how all of the colors in the shirt, PS, and tie all come together. Nice job!
Quote: Originally Posted by xchen Double Monks! I am relatively new to SF but I would think the consensus is that it is a no no to have the skinny part of the tie be longer than the fat part, it is a definite re-tie event for me when that happens.
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin I spent 20 minutes trying to tie this unlined, 9 foot long Panta....so if someone comments on my knot, you better not open any packages for the next month or so. I had a similar problem recently wit a FIH and DFIH. Does everyone here on SF have such an objection to a half windsor? I find I can get a thicker knot with a clean dimple and it is pretty symmetrical. I know it might look too well put...
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido [b][center][font="Century Gothic"][size="3"]Tic-tac-toe I saw in your profile that you are a baggage handler, if this is true, you are the best dressed baggage handler I've ever seen, and... someone of your size must be missing a lot of fine threads from their luggage!
I would ask myself a lot of questions about what you want from your community. I live in Santa Fe, NM which is pretty expensive as the main industry is tourism. If I were a single guy I would not want to live here. However, there is snow skiing close by and the weather is nice with a mild winter at 7400 ft elevation. Do you like to go out to night clubs....? Albuquerque is a pretty nice city with an affordable cost of living and a pretty nice climate, not too hot in...
A little bit of a gamble on eBay but there are some good deals. I bought a SC listed as mint but when it came in all of the pockets were still sewn up, so it was really new. I paid $50 and it was at least 50% Cashmere and I love it. I figured I could afford $50 for tailoring if it didn't fit and have only spent $12 for sleeve lengthening. Since you are continuing to loose weight you wouldn't be at a great loss if you get some wear out of it, and I suspect your fits are...
Well let me tell you what sucks about living in New Mexico regarding Men's clothing. Our TJ Maxx doesn't even have men's shoes or sport coats and I don't think we have Marshall's anymore. The best I have done there is to get a few TH and Nautica ties, and a couple of RL Polos. The best dept. store is Dillards, which I like for their sales, but only one in Albuquerque (3 total inc. 1 in Santa Fe) has HSM Gold Trumpeter and Hickey Freeman. They do have great sales at...
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