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Calvin Klein socks w/ AE 5ths
Quote: Originally Posted by spoozy I love the tie and PS. Nice look overall, well done.
Sorry for the bad phone shots but that is all I got for now. Wonder what people think I am taking pictures of in the men's restroom at work. SC is HSM Gold Trumpeter Loro Piana Worsted spun Cashmere Tie is Burberrys Wool Shirt is Nordstrom's Label Trousers are BB Flannel Shoes are AE Fifth Aves Belt is Florsheim Socks are Calvin Klein PC Daniel Cremieux
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Back to work. I love everything about the outfit today, especially what looks like a bird in your pocket. Nice PS!
For some unknown reason I got a tip or read something about Gold in the 3rd quarter of 2007 and moved 25% of my money into a PM fund. Well, my ROI has been ~40% annually since. Every time I see Gold drop and think about getting out, it sets a new record the following week. I don't know if I would get in now as I keep reading conflicting reports on the future. I guess I was just lucky for a change to have a made a good choice.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dewi Not a problem. This thread doesn't get too much traffic. I've been searching for a pair of socks with vertical stripes for a while, and been having some issues finding them. This may be what I'm after. I have some Duchamp with stripes that I will be listing soon. I wanted a few pair so I ordered a bunch to offset the shipping. They are pretty vibrant, too much for some people's taste.
[quote=smthorpe;4346583]Let's see your top three (albeit in no particular order) - 1. JFK 2. Redford 3. Newman Can you find a pick showing their best?
Good question but I feel influenced by the character the actor played, such as, most of the Bond actors. However, McQueen just stands out as creating a coolness in most things he wore. I think this is tough to answer because we span a lot of time and style has changed. It might be tough to chose someone that was prominent during the 70s as things seemed pretty crazy with some big sideburns, maybe an afro and wild suit choices. I also think we are influenced by good...
Surprised to see a lot of views but hardly any comments. I was hoping for more shares so we could all see what is great about your area. This thread was also inspired buy someone asking about cost of living in a certain area and I thought that there is more to consider, such as.... Please post what you like about your area. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Dewi Details on the socks? Sorry for the delay in responding. I looked last night and they are not labeled. I think they are Cremieux sold at Dillards. I have a maroon pair also that I will post soon. They have some amount of wool and are very comfortable plus I like the color and striping and they were 70% off.
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