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Quote: Originally Posted by furosemide Cords Day! I absolutely love the tie, it is very cool!
Quote: Originally Posted by DaBatMan [/spoiler] From what I can see it looks great. Nice combinations. I would like to see a full shot of this outfit. Thanks for the comment. I can't seem to get a decent full shot with my phone. I am trying to work the issue so I can post more/better in the future. I am afraid that my fits are lacking and given that I wear SC and suits only periodically, I am afraid the SF feedback will make me not want to...
Sorry for my crappy out of focus pics but hopefully you can see well enough to answer my questions. Does the Gingham go with the tie? Would you wear a Gingham shirt with this plaid SC? The trousers are a very faint plaid and I thought I might be able to pull it off, too much plaid? Never wear plaid trousers (even faint) with a plaid jacket? Is PS totally mismatched?
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin Traveling today. Heading to NYC. Any plans for new threads on this trip?
Quote: Originally Posted by yjeezle truth. i try to get all of my clubs on the bay. so much cheaper but sometimes you have to make sure that they're not from china... edit: does anyone know a good/low cost swing analysis program? +10 re: China! I say do your homework, check seller feedback, and make sure the savings are worth your while/risk. I have bought 5 cars off of eBay, $12K-$33K, and lots of golf clubs. Walk away from anything...
J&M Cellini Deerskin Bluchers w/ Hugo Boss Socks
Quote: Originally Posted by tjc4golf Compared to someone with recent, well fitting clubs you're at a significant disadvantage because your technology is outdated and, by your own admission, your clubs don't fit (at least your driver and fairway). While the club manufacturers spit out new stuff every year, the technology doesn't advance that rapidly so I'm not one who will tell you that you need the latest stuff. That said, technology is currently well...
Quote: Originally Posted by Orgetorix Where'd you get those socks? I got mine at Dillards for 70% off but I can't remember who makes them, maybe Cremieux.
Here's one that a lot of SFer's would like to have met her ex, Ali McGraw, and of course her ex was Steve McQueen. I actually have seen her quite often as she lives in my community. I've sat next to her and made small talk at a Halloween carnival and she was very nice. I have seen her on the road often and she always smiles and waves. I always wanted to ask her something about McQueen but know it would be inappropriate as I don't really know her. I read she was born...
J&M Driving Mocks w/ new Duchamp socks.
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