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Like the SC but the pockets seem to have a mind of their own! Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang Corneliani sportcoat Kent Wang linen/cotton shirt Lapel flower I found on the street Kent Wang cotton pocket square WW Chan trousers
Quote: Originally Posted by Orgetorix Late shots...I've been working like a dog on a big project due end of week. And Louisville is on its way to being underwater. Wow what a contrast to NM - "March 2011 ranked as the third driest in the last 117 years."
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin [/spoiler] No to the tie, and no to the belt (which is lizard, BTW). The belt would look good with Wranglers and some cowboy boots, it has no place with this fit. Mike I appreciate the feedback. I don't know where I got eel, your right it is lizard, will probably go with your advice and keep it for more casual attire.
Sorry for the crappy phone pictures yet again. Hopefully people get the gist and can comment on matches. Cashmere Blend Houndstooth SC BB Flannel Trousers Nordstrom Oxford Cloth Shirt SW Design Ranger Buckle on Eel Skin Belt Tag Heuer Link Watch AE 5th Aves BCBG Tie Cremieux PS
I am actually a little depressed having been a SF member for about 6 months now. I thought I had some pretty good fits but after seeing WAYWRNIII and comments, I now feel a little crappy every time I wear my older SCs and suits. As for my newer ones I still feel like I didn't get a good fit even though I looked closer at some details mentioned on SF. I was fit by people that had sold suits for more than 20 years. After a few wearings I keep finding little details that...
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel my wife says I don't need this, but I do sure want it [[SPOILER]] me too!
Quote: Originally Posted by upr_crust As if I need more cufflinks, but, these are always calling to me . . . http://www.longmire.co.uk/categoryRe...ID=683&tID=423 Actually looking for my first pair to go with my "first" FC shirt, an Ike Behar I got recently.
Here's a video about Bob Kramer http://blog.makezine.com/archive/201...th-bob-kr.html, one of only 114 world wide Master Knife makers. What impressed me most is that he hammered his knife through a steel bolt or something similar and it didn't damage the edge at all. His knives are $2500+ but are a work of art and last a lifetime.
Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy those japanese knives are really brittle. and they are really hard to sharpen. honestly, if you're a beginning to intermediate cook, you'll probably be MUCH happier with wusthoff. and, i have to confess, i cooked with a friend's henkel over the weekend and didn't hate it. those knives are tough, easy to sharpen and will do 98% of what any reasonable person could want a chef's knife to do. +10. I have...
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