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Actually that is my plan in the next few years. I pretty much hate my life right now. My 16 year old son is battling Cancer (doing pretty well at the moment), I don't like my job, don't see any value in my marriage any more... I am trying to figure out what I can live without and whether I can find happiness doing something I enjoy. My fear is that I won't be happier and I'll be poor.
I have this thing about 100% natural - Leather, Cotton, Wool, Silk or blends of these. The only area where I stray is socks.
Once I got the shanks on the driving range and I was trying to show my son how to shake them but no matter what I did I shanked it. After 12 in a row I told him all one could do was grab the driver, at which point I proceeded to knock the shit out of it. Next day I went out and played great with not one shank. A buddy of mine got the shanks on his pitch shots. Plagued the guy for months, he would putt from 40 yds of the fairway and he was a 9 handicap. Worst...
I love this ring, anniversary present 14 years ago, recently repaired and cleaned. I looked at some cuff links yesterday with similar stones, beautiful but too many $$$ for me.
I have a love hate relationship with GOLF. I was kicking ass for 7 holes the other day, three putts for birdie under 10 feet, a 15 ft eagle putt, a 2 ft birdie putt, then I shank 2 nine irons in a row on the 8th par 3 - W-T-F!!!!!!!!!!! I am a 4 handicap but 3 to 4 holes per 18 keep me from scratch and I can't seem to figure it out.
I play golf as much as I can. Evenings are for vegging on couch and watching the tube, or surfing the net, or both.
Like the SC but the pockets seem to have a mind of their own! Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang Corneliani sportcoat Kent Wang linen/cotton shirt Lapel flower I found on the street Kent Wang cotton pocket square WW Chan trousers
Quote: Originally Posted by Orgetorix Late shots...I've been working like a dog on a big project due end of week. And Louisville is on its way to being underwater. Wow what a contrast to NM - "March 2011 ranked as the third driest in the last 117 years."
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin [/spoiler] No to the tie, and no to the belt (which is lizard, BTW). The belt would look good with Wranglers and some cowboy boots, it has no place with this fit. Mike I appreciate the feedback. I don't know where I got eel, your right it is lizard, will probably go with your advice and keep it for more casual attire.
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