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Sorry, items removed due to my starting a similar thread to one that existed elsewhere.
Golf is a stupid FCKING game. I am obsessed and a 4 hdcp but sometimes I wish I'd never started. Main point today is some of the stupid rules! Web Simpson was robbed out of a victory this weekend because his ball moved after he addressed it. He was assessed a one stroke penatly allowing the SD playoff to continue and he eventually lost to Bubba Watson. I think some of the rules are toooooooooo penal and out of balance with some of the others!!!! Some one needs to...
If you'll get use out of it, can enjoy it, and can afford it, why not.
Actually that is my plan in the next few years. I pretty much hate my life right now. My 16 year old son is battling Cancer (doing pretty well at the moment), I don't like my job, don't see any value in my marriage any more... I am trying to figure out what I can live without and whether I can find happiness doing something I enjoy. My fear is that I won't be happier and I'll be poor.
I have this thing about 100% natural - Leather, Cotton, Wool, Silk or blends of these. The only area where I stray is socks.
Once I got the shanks on the driving range and I was trying to show my son how to shake them but no matter what I did I shanked it. After 12 in a row I told him all one could do was grab the driver, at which point I proceeded to knock the shit out of it. Next day I went out and played great with not one shank. A buddy of mine got the shanks on his pitch shots. Plagued the guy for months, he would putt from 40 yds of the fairway and he was a 9 handicap. Worst...
I love this ring, anniversary present 14 years ago, recently repaired and cleaned. I looked at some cuff links yesterday with similar stones, beautiful but too many $$$ for me.
I have a love hate relationship with GOLF. I was kicking ass for 7 holes the other day, three putts for birdie under 10 feet, a 15 ft eagle putt, a 2 ft birdie putt, then I shank 2 nine irons in a row on the 8th par 3 - W-T-F!!!!!!!!!!! I am a 4 handicap but 3 to 4 holes per 18 keep me from scratch and I can't seem to figure it out.
I play golf as much as I can. Evenings are for vegging on couch and watching the tube, or surfing the net, or both.
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