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Today I sat at the golf course enjoying the sun, the view, and a generous portion of Yellow Tail and Octopus sashimi. It made me very happy!
The cost of out of state tuition!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!! I live in NM where the 2 of the major universities are "not" ranked very well. One smaller university that is ranked well is hard to get into and is math and science oriented. I want to offer my kids opportunities to go elsewhere but ASU and UofA are ~$22K for tuition, $35K+ total. CU in Boulder, CO (my alma mater) is ~$33K for tuition alone or ~$48K+ total. I forgot to mention that NM tuition is covered by our...
Hopefully these pics aren't as bad on your monitor as they seem on mine. I am not able to post a pic showing my fits until I get my camera issues straightened out. I do however appreciate any feedback on the combination of tie, coat, ps ,shirt, etc. Thanks. SC is PRL Camel Hair Shirt Cremieux Tie PRL PS Cremieux Shoes AE 5th Aves
Since I bought my AE 5th Aves, I don' care too much for my old black shoes. I might wear the blacks with dark grey flannels or black trousers but that is about it, which means very few wears these days.
Quote: Originally Posted by RedLantern Having driven by myself from Knoxville to Seattle in a moving truck in 3 days, my advice is this: 1. Get started early - pre dawn twilight 2. Do not drink any coffee or have breakfast in the morning - it will just make you need to stop sooner. 3. Get in at least 300-350 miles before you stop for "breakfast" which should be gas station coffee. 4. Sunflower seeds work better than anything for keeping me awake at...
Don't know where to start, too much to list right now!!!!!!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Butler Springtime in Aix en Provence: Steven Hitchcock DB Minnis 0300 Flannel with my signature gauntlets and brown buttons T&A pink shirt with self designed Budd's collar Dior tie Hober PS John Lobb of St. James's tassel loafers Love the suit and it looks good on you. That color of Flannel is one of my true favorites.
Quote: Originally Posted by upr_crust Thank you, Spoo, for confirming my Charvet sensor . As per your request, fritzl, a close-up of the boots. The are ostrich leg vamps, and the brand is Star Boots. I photographed them with jeans and with a suit, just for contrast - the suited close up shot was clearer. Our ex-Governor here in Santa Fe would wear the same attire but would have a Bolo instead of the Charvets you usually sport.
Quote: Originally Posted by allaboutshoes Move this thread to the "Stuff i have on eBay thread" Thanks, I didn't know that thread existed. I will try to figure out how to move it.
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