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Played like crap this weekend but it's still early in the year. However, the views from our NM golf courses are great and it was a beautiful day, 75 degrees w/ 10% humidity, and NO wind!
Quote: Originally Posted by Tim_Whatley if you had nothing shorter than a pitching wedge, and could only afford one wedge, what lofted wedge would you get. if you had nothing between a 3 wood and a 3 iron would you get a 5 wood or a hybrid (what degree)? just curious. 56 degree Vokey. Typically a PW is ~47 degrees. I usually carry 52, 56, and 60. Pay attention to bounce, too little (4-6 degrees) and it can dig into the turf and sand. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube This wouldn't have anything to do with your newfound interest in the LPGA, would it? It doesn't hurt that some of them look like that. Natalie is definitely easy on the eyes.
Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy damn man, when i lived near tesuque the only thing you could get was fry bread and chimayo chile. (not complaining about the latter) Yeah, you have to gain an appreciation for NM Cuisine. Hopefully taking in some Tomasitas posole and red chile for dinner. As for the Sushi, it's in Los Alamos and the guy doesn't do anything fancy but he gives me a lot, it is fresh (nothing is fresh anymore most is frozen...
Quote: Originally Posted by Wolfador Just got my tickets to the US Open, anyone else going this year? This will be my first PGA event. I went to the LPGA US Open last year and my wife and I had a great time. I'm planning to attend the LPGA US Open this year at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs which is about 5 hours from where I live. I am starting to enjoy womens golf more than the mens. Those women can really play!
Had a nice practice session over lunch today, hit about 100 range balls. Have a tee time tomorrow at 8:10 and I am psyched. Playing in a tournament the 2 Saturdays after that. Finally the golf season is here!
It definitely depends on the suit and trousers. Some athletic fit suits come with narrower waist pants. I found that my dress trousers need to be a little looser in the waist than say my jeans so that the pleats don't pucker. A good tailor can get you set up right as you don't want them too baggy in the butt either.
Worst: Nancy Best: Jane & Wendy at the same time!!! Sorry couldn't resist!
Forget all of the advice on fit, look, color... buy a good pair of running shoes and run like hell! Sorry coming from a cynical man in a shitty 20yr marriage.
Quote: Originally Posted by in stitches my cousin got SI but his dad would throw away the swimsuit issue. one year it slipped past him. the issue is still hidden in the house. and i know where it is this is it 1995 BOOM! God, I remember going over to a friends house in HS to play pool and his dad had every Playboy going back to the 50s. I remember checking out the Marilyn Monroe issue. I wish I had been smart enough to buy his...
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