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Here are some before and after pictures of my AE 5th Aves regarding edge dressing. In a previous post I had asked for advice on fixing a splotchy edge dressing on the natural edge after about a years wear. I was afraid to apply new over the existing, so I sanded them down. I found that 600 grit paper clogged quickly and wasn't very effective. I used some 150 grit paper being careful not to nick the uppers. It took a little time but came out pretty good. I used Chili...
Here are my AE 5ths with the encouraged high shine toe. I really like the effect so much better than before. I wasn't having much success but then added a little water and bang. I will soon be posting my before and after where I sanded the edge to remove blotchy dressing then reapplied, stand by for those pics and story.
Here are my AE 5ths with a new high shine on the toes. The socks are unmarked and my memory is lacking. Pants are by Nicklaus.
So I am searching the Bay last week for a deal on some AEs and I come across some Aberdeens in 10B with one low bid. I try to do some searches on the fit/size on a number 2 last and figure I'll just give them a try with a low bid. If I win I figure I can always sell them again if they don't fit. Lo and behold, I win them with a bid of $61.00 and $9.99 for shipping. The have supposedly been worn once and come without trees or a box, what a steal. I wear a 10C in the 5...
I remember a 8mm Easter movie of me in about 1966 when I was almost 5 and I was wearing a suit , red tennis shoes, and a bow tie. I don't think I owned anything other than a sport coat which I bought for my sister's wedding in 1984. I bought my first suit in 1988 when I got my first professional job. I wore business casual with a tie and an occasional suit for about 4 years. However, I haven't had to wear a suit in the last 20 years as I work in a very casual...
I went a little narrow on mine so the heel wouldn't lip as I have a narrow heel. I tried one size wider but my heel slipped. So, for me the best fit shows a gap. Fit is the most important thing too me.
AE Strand with a sock showing my favorite past time!
I have since put a nice shine on the toe of these. But I finally got around to taking a pic of my favorites shoes with socks representing my passion!
Is Uluru that exciting? I worry my kids would say, "It just looks like a big rock to me." I have this fear of sharks and you guys have the most fierce. Any concerns snorkeling the GB Reef or surfing? I saw where a lot of beaches have netting installed.
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