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Man am I tempted to buy these Strand golf shoes, remove the spikes, fill in the holes, and wear them as regular dress shoes. I own a pair of Strands and they are my favorite shoes. They have really gone up in price over the years, so $199 is quite appealing. I play a ton of golf and I don't feel like they would be comfortable enough for me to wear for 18 holes. Although I love my current Strands, I would not say they are as comfortable as my golf shoes.
I found that the finer grit clogged with the removed dressing pretty quickly. So, I had better results with the 80 grit (medium) paper to actually remove the dressing. After i had removed all of the dressing, i went over the edge with the 200 grit (fine) paper to smooth out the leather. I would like to know if anyone has had any success with Renovateur or another product as the sanding was quite tedious.
My apologies, I was way off on my grits trying to go from memory. I was not sure what I was thinking about. I mention above the correct grits I used.
I used a 80 grit and finished them off with a 200. The finer grit got all clogged when I initially started with that and didn't do much so I went with the medium grit and it did the job. Be careful not to scuff the shoe in the process. I took my time while watching TV.
They originally came with the Natural edge dressing I believe but it was starting to look rather splotchy. Now that I look at the pictures, I wonder if they had the chili all along. Anyway, I removed it by sanding it down to remove all of the color. I then applied a single coat of the Chili dressing.Here is the before and some comparison shots:
Thought I'd give a pictorial on the Chili edge dressing on the Walnut 5th Ave. from a recent post in case you missed it.
A few days back I was asking if the Aberdeens that I bought off of eBay might fit. They are a 10B and fit pretty well. I am wearing a 10C in my Strands and AE 5ths. I think the soft leather allows for a little more comfort. I could possible go a little longer but I think wider would have been a problem. I really like the look for a casual shoe with jeans and khakis. Here's a picture before I added some conditioner which took care of a any discoloration. I think I...
I really wanted the original look and was worried that the Chili was going to be too dark. However, I felt like the natural wasn't going to do much so I bit the bullet and went with the Chili after looking at many walnut shoes in the store. I am pretty happy with the final result. You can really see the difference between the raw and Chili version but I think it works on the 5th which is a dressier shoe than say a more casual shoe. I really love the natural look on the...
Two coats. I will probably apply occasionally so they hopefully don't get that splotchy look again. If the do I will try the Renomat product I have heard about as that sanding process was time consuming.
Edge Dressing Application: I forgot to mention that I masked the shoe prior to applying the edge dressing. It saved me when the dressing came out pretty quickly one time and got on the tape instead of the shoe. However, I didn't use the painter tape as I was out, and the masking tape I used took off some of the color when I removed it after about 10-15 minutes. I was severely PO'ed to say the least. However, I applied some conditioner/cleaner and brushed like crazy...
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