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I did see that and I do believe it is the same shoe except for the sole. I found a good deal on the Strandmok on eBay but I just didn't like that sole. I might have even tried them on at Nordstrom. I was glad to find the ones I got from Nordstrom with the leather sole but I had to pay the full price, but I am extremely happy so it was worth every penny. This pair makes my 4th pair, 5th Aves, Strands, Aberdeens, and now these.
Here's a comparison to the Strand in Walnut, and the Aberdeen which to me has always been a little too dark but I got them for ~$90 brand new: Strand in Walnut: Aberdeen in Dark Brown: Nordstron Neumok in Acorn Hilfire (?)
Hey guys, I just got some new AEs. I have been searching for a while for some of the Elgins, or something similar to the Strand but more casual. I didn't like the floppiness of the Neumok but I thought I would give them a try, so while I was at Nordstom in Phoenix (no Nordstroms here in NM or AE sellers for that matter), I tried some on. My plan was to check the fit then try to find some in my price range on-line. However, I still didn't like the unstructured look and...
Man am I tempted to buy these Strand golf shoes, remove the spikes, fill in the holes, and wear them as regular dress shoes. I own a pair of Strands and they are my favorite shoes. They have really gone up in price over the years, so $199 is quite appealing. I play a ton of golf and I don't feel like they would be comfortable enough for me to wear for 18 holes. Although I love my current Strands, I would not say they are as comfortable as my golf shoes.
I found that the finer grit clogged with the removed dressing pretty quickly. So, I had better results with the 80 grit (medium) paper to actually remove the dressing. After i had removed all of the dressing, i went over the edge with the 200 grit (fine) paper to smooth out the leather. I would like to know if anyone has had any success with Renovateur or another product as the sanding was quite tedious.
My apologies, I was way off on my grits trying to go from memory. I was not sure what I was thinking about. I mention above the correct grits I used.
I used a 80 grit and finished them off with a 200. The finer grit got all clogged when I initially started with that and didn't do much so I went with the medium grit and it did the job. Be careful not to scuff the shoe in the process. I took my time while watching TV.
They originally came with the Natural edge dressing I believe but it was starting to look rather splotchy. Now that I look at the pictures, I wonder if they had the chili all along. Anyway, I removed it by sanding it down to remove all of the color. I then applied a single coat of the Chili dressing.Here is the before and some comparison shots:
Thought I'd give a pictorial on the Chili edge dressing on the Walnut 5th Ave. from a recent post in case you missed it.
A few days back I was asking if the Aberdeens that I bought off of eBay might fit. They are a 10B and fit pretty well. I am wearing a 10C in my Strands and AE 5ths. I think the soft leather allows for a little more comfort. I could possible go a little longer but I think wider would have been a problem. I really like the look for a casual shoe with jeans and khakis. Here's a picture before I added some conditioner which took care of a any discoloration. I think I...
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