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Which last is used for this shoe? Looks like rain
An email from Kevin Hill, mgr of the NY store regarding a similar inquiry:It (335) is essentially the same as the [325], with just a slightly fuller toe box (it is 2mm higher than the 325 last).I size 0.5 down if going to UK sizes with standard E width relative to Barrie and trubalance lastsAnd down 1 full size for most other lastsI wear10.5D on Barrie11D RL Marlow10E on 325 last (UK sizing)
Great color and photo.
Pembroke tan is quite light, borderline orange in enough light (vs RL Marlow above). The tan pebble grain gets lighter over time. My pair of C&J Grasmere shoes are ~4ish years old and they are lighter than they were at the time of purchase.Suggestions on brand of polish/cream to try this with?I may attempt this. I have an Alden NST in tan that turned into Alden's walnut color with one coat of burgundy cream. Not a perfect color transition, but the shoe is now much more...
reply moved to MTO threadsuggestions on brand of polish/cream to try this with?
Same quality level has been my impression.
RL is brown shell cordovan and leather sole.
Pembroke 10E UK (three or four years old)C&J for Ralph Lauren Marlow 11 US (relatively new)More photos [[SPOILER]]
Carmina x Epaulet model (not currently available...)
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