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Same quality level has been my impression.
RL is brown shell cordovan and leather sole.
Pembroke 10E UK (three or four years old)C&J for Ralph Lauren Marlow 11 US (relatively new)More photos [[SPOILER]]
Carmina x Epaulet model (not currently available...)http://epauletnewyork.com/products/anderson-jumper-boot-natural-kudu-antelope-hide
At least once or twice per week since they arrived, around a year ago.
Carmina x Epaulet Kudu The darker boot has had one treatment of reno
Pembroke 10E UK (three or four years old)Marlow 11 US (relatively new)More photos: [[SPOILER]]
Any interest in a Pembroke in dark brown country calf (same used on Brecon, Ashdown, Bangor, Islay...). 325 last. Danite sole. Bangor is similar, but I prefer the 325 last and the medallion on the Pembroke. inspirations for the make up include source: Namor (OP here) source: my-crockett-and-jones.blogspot.com
Laufer - how does this 325 lasted boot fit relative to a 325 lasted shoe? The 325 lasted boots I have tried (Coniston, Chepstow) have always had too much room in the vamp (my three pair of 325 lasted shoes all fit great).Great find, that's an outstanding boot. Should last a very long time, and probably require very little care aside from trees. If anything, very little care will probably aid in developing character over time.
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