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From Epaulet's description:The "Faulkner," like the "Fitzgerald," is a Budapester style wingtip... features a heavy-duty combination rubber and leather sole."The sole doesn't feel as thick as some of my other shoes which do have double soles, but it is certainly thicker than a single sole.
Carmina for Epaulet Faulkner Shortwing in Natural Chromexcel Size 10UK Forest last I absolutely love these shoes but rarely have an opportunity to wear them. Offering to SF members before eBay. PM me if interested. Worn a few times, well cared for.
Just arrived from Skoaktiebolaget. Carmina Jumper in grained calf. Commando sole. Oscar last.
The patina looks great, is this the cavalry calf model?
See the following post:http://www.styleforum.net/t/227575/quintessential-crockett-jones-thread/3630#post_6212410
Hi, gents. Please let me know if anyone can help with a sizing question. Size 10 Forest last = Size ? Rain last
From the Carmina Facebook page. Style 803 in Chromexcel and Tramuntana Sole
I received a pair of the recent Alden x Leffot LWBs in Kudu (10.5D, barrie last). They are brand new in box and will likely go unworn in my wardrobe. If anyone was unable to get in on the pre-order and is interested in this style and size please PM me. Note: I am not willing to part with them at a substantial discount.
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How well do Woodlore trees fill out the heel?
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