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Haha I seriously need this - spent WAY too much the last two months and I've gotten to the stage where I put off looking at my BB and BB/CC statements. I'm in. I will give up my TF ties + Attolini suit for the month.
I'm thinking about grabbing a few sports shirts but being outside of the US, I cant get a hold of the exact sizing without trial and error purchasing. Currently, I'm split between the 14.5 ESF and 14.5 SF: can anyone hook me up with the size differences between the two fits (chest/p2p in particular)? Measurements post-wash (shrinkage) for the neck and chest would be terrific as well. For reference, my chest size is between 36.5"-37", my regular neck size is a 14.5...
Free Bump for some truly amazing coats. If these were smaller I would be tempted to buy a few. There must be a God after all!
Any proxies available from the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy to Australia (Dior Homme Online Boutique)? I'm after the Black Wool Coat (EU 46) ref: 0H3132360315C900 that they have on offer. No sure if it's available in a physical store. Please pm me with fees + references if you are available! Thanks. *Edit 5/2: Found someone.
Thumbs up for the following sellers (albeit regulars): - jrd617: 2 TF Ties + Nicky Tie - PocketCircle: Isaia Tie Painless first-time purchases: would definitely buy from again in the near future!
What are the thigh measurements on the geller?
Too large for me but some amazing pieces at even better prices. Good luck with the sale.
Pm sent on N12.
Sexy. Cant see this one lasting too long.
Beautiful Brief. Looks like it will age nicely too.
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