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I have no clue what you mean by "chunky"? you mean layered, or cut at different lenghts around the head?
Seersucker suits are coming back in big time, anything thing that makes you look like your rich and are living at the beach seems to be getting big, seersuckers, linen suits, the blazer and tshirt and jeans. My suggestion is just watch all the advertisements in GQ and Esquire, who by the way had an article on the suit in their last issue.
My suggestion is first just give it a couple of tries, trust me, its really like treasure hunting, cause you can walk by the same rack 50 times and never see an article of clothing that you might love. Dont by underwear there. Thats not something youll be bragging about, and you can find cheap, unused, underwear anywhere. Once you start finding the clothes you like, then start checking out the labels. If you dont recognize the label, dont worry, it only costs a couple of...
Sure, ill tell you what i got. Nothing too fancy, im a pretty young guy so i can get away with bold fashion moves. I got an adidas shirt that has an early 80's urban feel to it, i like it a lot and have gotten many compliments on it. Also I bought two kacky suit jackets that ive also gotten compliments on. Ties, Ive even bought shoes there, but i dont tell anyone where i get those.
Recently I have begun to frequent the goodwill in my town and have found all sorts of great clothes, is this wrong, or should I just buy'em and keep my mouth shut about where I got them?
Abe2 suggested in a reply a little while back, and Ive gone to it and really liked it.
The world aint over yet. I say wear it and be different. The world of fashion is built around risk takers. My guess is a lot of people will compliment you on your choice.
Thanks for all the help fellas, ill check out those magazines.
Does anyone know where i can find a good source of ideas for home design for the single man? Not Animal House, but not MArtha Stewarts place either.
Any assistance on this matter would be great, maybe a website with visuals to learn from. This seems like a lot of posting, but Im getting all questions out of the way while I have a minute
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