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what break in procedure?
still too expensive imo
wtf ru serious?
maybe try thinner/thicker socks
they look good
I tried man.... 9D is too cramped in the toe, 9E feels fine in the toe but is way too wide... slips around like crazy and has too much gap for instepIs there anything with a roomier toe?
cool, I may need a S then since I usually wear a XS in jcrew shirts. Are you able to get XS as well?
what if you can't fit in the AE fifth/park ave/strand last? (toes too cramped in the forefoot) what is a good alternative for simple, captoe shoes? (i can wear a 9D in alden barrie)
stolen hangers from the hotel? lol
any idea how that saturdays ss oxford fits compared to other jcrew shirts? slim or regular?
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