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dude how tall are u and what size is that?
Per allenedmonds.com - 13. What is shell cordovan leather?Cordovan is often erroneously thought to describe a color akin to burgundy. However, cordovan – name after Cordova, Spain where the leather first originated – is actually one of the world's most unique leathers. Prized for its exceptional softness, durability and fine grain, cordovan is made from the inner layer of horsehide. A six-month tanning process brings out a beautiful luster that only improves with age....
cordovan is not a color
dam that looks pretty good... might need u to pick one up for me too on monday =)
for the clubs, i wear my shittiest shoes, since no1 can see them and they will only get stepped on, drinks spilt on, etc
link to EGs on website?
got new jcrew catalog in mail says special american express offer on p.23... flipped to p.23, nothing...lol, whats going on
too bad mortar doesn't carry XS in gitman D: i'd be all over them
what break in procedure?
still too expensive imo
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