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lol you guys even have the same build
how about the heavy gauge cardi in the picture i posted above?that is neither cashmere nor the shawl
it's cool, just wondering if you can provide input about the sizing because i'm considering buying one used
quick question about the +J Heavy Gauge cardigan.... do they fit true to size like other Uniqlo sweaters or do you need to size up like on the Asian sizes? thx
where did you see 30%? j crew has been 25% max lol
they look good to me, where are those from?
dam i want that so bad.... think it's worth $900? this shit ever go on sale?
get 33
When you guys use the term "fit sucks" or "fits like shit," that is only relative to yourself. It should never be used to judge an entire brand. Something that does not fit you well may fit someone else perfectly.
are you the only one in this club?
New Posts  All Forums: