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Just bought a pair of the Cliftons in black. Good deal
check the watch threads
Why would you buy an abboud suit anyways? It is terrible
yo what shoes are those?
or put darts in
Here is one website I use for rebates. It provides 5% off for Nordstrom. Please ref if you don't mind helping out. Mr. Rebates
30% off would make it about $450 after taxes. Do you think this shoe is worth $450? Any better options out there at that price point? (i can't do AE park/fifth ave due to the #5 last).
at which price point (after discount) would the C&J captoes be worth purchasing? i've heard of some people getting it around 350? this goes for 40% off sometimes? I'm assuming it is this one...§ioncolor=§ionsize=
what's up with this shoe? i'm thinking it's the C&J.... but $598? it's not even cordovan... even after 30% off it's still too expensive, wtf?§ioncolor=§ionsize=#null
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