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it's fine, go for it. just don't wear them with jeans or khakis.
just copped the olive weekender... this bag looks really good. btw, how are you guys getting the SF discount?
Pretty slim but not skinny fit
the non-iron version is not oxford cloth. it is much thinner and has a slippery feel because of the chemicals they have enhanced it with. i have both and think both are great.
you've got a good start with the shoe selection.
I think the best value is BB ESF + darts on the bottom. $55 + 10 ~ $70 after taxes. Epaulet shirts are great but they are about double the price and they no longer make size xs.
Just bought a pair of the Cliftons in black. Good deal
check the watch threads
Why would you buy an abboud suit anyways? It is terrible
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